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Selling the best price CCTV from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy CCTV with the latest price functions for security surveillance cameras that have the function of monitoring the situation where the device is placed. Each type is able to record all objects according to the range that is then stored on the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and forwarded directly to the monitor screen. Not only used in factories or office buildings, now many people are using this device as a security device at home. Increasing use makes various choices of brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Avtech, Vivotech and others have superior and best-selling products in the market. To make it easier to find the best cctv camera device that you want, you can directly submit a request through the RFQ Indotrading or you can search for it by brand category, city or location of the seller.

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CCTV function

In accordance with the function of this security device is a tool that is needed by anyone both for security in and outside the home, roads, buildings and offices. As the best security equipment at the moment, this surveillance camera has the main and most important function for:

1. Supervise and record various circumstances around the camera according to the range both inside and outside the home, office, building and factory.

2. Send all images to the device DVR that will be saved into video data that can be accessed and played back by the owner of this security system.

Types of CCTV

To choose the best security device in the form of closed circuit television for home and office, you should choose the right type. Why do you have to choose the right type, model or technology, because every CCTV device and accessories does have a variety of specifications including:

1. Online CCTV or Wifi / Wireless is a type of security camera device that can be monitored remotely for example you can monitor the state of the office from home. For installation, this device requires a variety of other devices, namely laptop or PC, modem and router, DVR and Internet connection.

2. Mini CCTV is a small surveillance camera model that is suitable for use in various closed or open room corners. The purpose of using this surveillance camera is to fool people who want to act crimes such as theft and so on.

3. CCTV Waterproof is a type of device that is very resistant to water, this type is suitable for use in open spaces, for example in public places. Such as crossroads, squares, markets and other public places.

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