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Selling the best price Moisture Analyzer Ohaus brand from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a Moisture Analyzer Ohaus brand at the latest price which is a laboratory tool with a function to take measurements of the moisture content of the sample that you have. This moisture meter can do testing for various types of samples in the form of either granular powders or liquids. This tool has been developed and is so sophisticated that it's even easier to use and operate. Well, for those of you who need a Moisture Analyzer Ohaus brand as a business support, do not hesitate to trade in On our platform, you can find a variety of Moisture Analyzer Ohaus brand products at lower prices because it is directly from the supplier!

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Types of Moisture Analyzers

There are various brands and types of sample moisture gauges. Each type and brand has different uses. So that you are not wrong in choosing and buying, here are the types of Moisture Analyzer Ohaus brand that you need

1. Type of Professional
The first type of Moisture Analyzer Ohaus brand involves moisture content in measuring humidity. Professional moisture analyzers are very accurate in terms of measurements with read accuracy reaching 0.1 mg. The appearance is also simpler so that it is easily understood by users.

2. Advanced type
Moisture analyzer with Advanced type is the perfect tool for conducting quality control and process control tests, especially those related to humidity. This tool uses a Halogen HC103 steam analyzer. With the help of Halogen vapor, moisture measurement can be done in just minutes.

3. Entry Level Type
This third type is considered the safest and very affordable in terms of price. This type of moisturizer uses a type of Halogen analyzer HE53, HE73, so it is able to take measurements of water content with great precision.

4. SmartCal
The fourth type as well as the latest type of Moisture Analyzer Ohaus brand is the SmartCal type. This type is capable of measuring humidity very accurately. Not only that, the output can be arranged either in Excel or PDF. This type also requires a very fast testing time, only 10 minutes.

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