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As the name implies, plastic seed is the main ingredient for making plastic-based products. Starting from household products, electronics and accessories that use plastic as the main ingredient. The seed itself is made from a substance called Styrin Monomer, which is then mixed with other chemicals and heated to form a cylinder. Even though it has a low selling price, these seeds also have various advantages such as holding heat, non conductors and tend to have a light mass. This material is also very easy to obtain, one of which is available in where you can buy it directly from suppliers and trusted distributors that offer a line of plastic seeds in various types and attractive prices.

Plastic Pellets

Recycled HIPS GranuleWe supply high quality recycled HI Impact Polysterine (HIPS) granule which produced by dry grinding from source materials such as NG plastic sheets, inner part of refridgerators, NG excess thick plastic products or shells from factories. Equipped with high technology processing machineries with high efficiency, we maintain the

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Get to know the types of plastic seeds on the market

  • HDPE Plastic Seeds (High Density Poly Ethylene)

This type of seed has the highest level of security compared to other types of seeds. Generally used for the manufacture of beverage bottles, detergent bottles, food seasoning packaging and others. Its easy to swell makes these seeds become easily formed.

  • PET Plastic Seed (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate)

Unlike the type of HDPE, this type is not recommended to be used repeatedly, especially when exposed to hot water. This can cause a dangerous carcinogenic reaction that causes cancer.

  • PP Plastic Seeds (PolyPropylene)

Its rigid nature, does not emit odors and is resistant to chemicals making this type of seed often used as laboratory equipment, stationery and textiles. Same with HDPE, the character of these seeds is also quite safe to be used repeatedly.

  • PS Plastic Seeds (PolyStyrene)

Usually used for making drink bottles, but not recommended in repeated use because they contain Styrene substances that can attack the health of the brain and female reproductive organs.

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

These seeds are often used as ingredients for making paralon pipes, plastic wrappers and plastic bottles such as perfumes, detergents or oil jerry cans. Unfortunately, this one plastic material has properties that are not environmentally friendly and very difficult to recycle.

  • Polycarbonate

It is a type of plastic material that is strong and resistant to thermal so this material is often used for the manufacture of plastic roofs, plastic walls or other household appliances.

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Finding a distributor or supplier that sells plastic seeds for the manufacture of plastic-based products such as drinking bottles, household appliances and electronics, you can find easily and completely in You can freely negotiate with the seller online, that is by relying on the purchase request feature that contains specifications, prices and the number of items desired. Do not forget to make sure if the product you buy has a guarantee of warranty, while carrying out buying and selling transactions safely through a system that is available in

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