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The term generator is no stranger to the ears. Genset or generator set is a device for producing electrical energy. The energy produced is useful for generating household appliances. Usually used when PLN power goes out, one of the easiest to find is the Gasoline Generator

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What is a Gasoline Generator?

Gasoline Generator is an alternative power generation tool when PLN goes out with gasoline fuel. In addition, the generator set can last for several hours according to the volume of gasoline and electric power flow capacity.

Use of Genset Using Gasoline

This electricity generator is often called the electricity reserve. Gasoline generator function to turn on electric power in small to large scale places. For example, it is used in hospitals, banks, hotels, supermarkets, offices, shops, and homes. So, when electricity is not a problem and business activities can still run well.

Generators are always reliable when the lights go out. Its use is also practical and more efficient. So it is not uncommon for you to find generators everywhere. This tool can also be used as an outdoor power source. In terms of safety is also guaranteed. What's more enough to use fuel from gasoline or diesel.

Gasoline Generator Work System

The scientific name is the engine or motor drive. This engine can start after filling with gasoline and diesel fuel. The form of the generator is a copper wire coil, inside which consists of a coil and a rotor.

The work process creates a magnetic field in the generator coil. Then, the magnetic field interacts with the Rotor to cause rotation. This is where electricity is created, known as Lorentz's law.

This simple working system makes it easy to use. The genset power capacity is at most 10 kW or 10,000 watts. Meanwhile, there are still generators with a small size and small capacity fueled with gasoline. Generators like this are easy to move and repairs also don't cost much.

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