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Safety goggles are one type of glasses that are specifically used to protect the eyes when carrying out risky activities. Like protecting from dust or splashes of harmful substances. This protective cord is usually made of strong materials which are at risk of injuring the eyes. The wider function of Safety Goggles Msa brand is to protect the eyes from dust, splashing objects that might harm the eyes. Safety goggles are made of materials that are very strong resistant to impact, dangerous liquids and sparks. Now you can buy safety glasses at the latest low-cost models, various brands from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all trusted sellers in Indotrading.

Various Types of Safety Glasses and Their Functions

Glasses is one of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that serves to provide protection against the senses of vision, aka the eyes of various things that threaten eye health. This tool is generally worn by industrial workers and fabrication. Each worker usually uses different standards from the following five types of glasses:

Safety Spectacle

Consists of 3 types of colors on the safety spectacle type glasses which are clear, yellow and gray or brown. Clear glasses are able to provide standard protection from the threat of floating objects that point to the eye, then blue glasses have a role in protecting from blue light that appears in low light, finally the glasses are gray or brown which serves to protect from exposure to UV light and collisions when worn outdoors. Of the three, you can determine the frame material in the form of metal or plastic with various sizes of lenses that fit on your face.

Goggles (Overspecs)

Overspecs are the next type of Safety Goggles Msa brand that serve to protect the area around the eyes and ensure there are no debris or dust entering the gap. Most of these types also feature anti-fog, scratch-resistant and flexible binders. Overspecs glasses are often used for laboratory and construction workers.

Face Shields (Face Shields)

One protective device is referred to as secondary or additional glasses that can protect the face thoroughly. So he plays a role in protecting from large debris, dust and other harmful substances. You can buy it in various sizes tailored to your needs.


Browguards are eye protection devices that have a transparent and colorful design, accompanied by a headband that is easily arranged. Its large enough size is capable of providing overall face protection from harmful substances or gases.

Las Glasses

In accordance with the name, this safety eyewear is used to protect workers who weld to avoid the flash of welding. Each eyeglass has a shade level, namely the higher the shade level, the darker the color of the lens. Ideally these glasses use shade levels 3 to 5.

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