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A Water Tank Lucky brand or reservoir is functioning as a medium / reservoir for storing water reserves that are installed on the roof of a house, the building where the water is filled using pump water taken from water sources such as wells connected by using pvc pipes . However, if carefully considered, the benefits that can be obtained by residents of the house, more than just the availability of clean water for a certain time interval when the water supply from the PAM / PDAM is stopped. One of the benefits that is big enough but escapes the attention is to make the physical water supply chain at home maintained its durability.

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500 liter Sea Lion Reservoir Rp. 483,000
250 liter Fish Cap Toren Rp. 345,000
200 liter Water Penguin reservoir Rp. 704,000
1000 liter Fold Reservoir Rp. 1,000,000

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