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LED lights are short for Light Emitting Diode, an indicator light that carries electronic technology whose functions are often used in various electronic devices, processors and substitutes for incandescent lamps in everyday life.So many advantages are obtained from the use of LEDs, one of which is energy saving and environmentally friendly. If you want to replace the use of incandescent bulbs with LEDs, find the products directly from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.

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Direct LED replacement for halogen spots, common family design with LEDVANCE ® Downlight and broad product range. Highlights the right places to attract your guests.

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Some of the advantages of using LED lights

Known as energy saving lamps, now almost every community is turning to LEDs from incandescent lamps. For those of you who want to replace the lighting system using LEDs, here are the advantages that you can get:

Eye Health is More Maintained

You could say the lights with LED systems have a far more friendly effect on the health of your eyes. Because the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, the LED does not contain mercury and IR and UV radiation which of course greatly endangers the sense of sight. In addition, this type of lamp has a clear nature and CRI (Color Rendering Index) which can create natural colors according to the original.

Energy saving

The main reason LEDs are stated as energy-saving lamps is because the heat produced is far lower than other lights. When measured by a comparison scale, ordinary bulb lights change 8% of electricity to be able to emit light, the rest is transformed into hot temperatures. While the LEDs can release light up to 25%, so the temperature of the heat released becomes less.


The use of Light Emitting Diode lights is far more efficient at 80% than the use of halogen lamps . In fact, many researchers stated that LEDs can last 50 thousand hours, in other words 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 10 times longer than energy-saving lamps.

Price range of LED lights available in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price range


IDR 1,000,000

LED High Bay Lights Industrial E40 Base Hood

Rp. 900,000


IDR 400,000

20 Watt Sunsafe Bulb LED

IDR 100,000

EcoSmart LED

IDR 70,000

Philips BN010C 1xTLED 600mm 740

IDR 70,000

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Indotrading sells LED lights from a line of well-known brands, which of course the quality aspect is no longer in doubt. You can take advantage of the purchase request feature in Indotrading if you need to procure large quantities of goods. Also make sure the types of products you buy are accompanied by an official guarantee from our trusted distributors and suppliers. Come on, immediately visit the Indotrading site now!

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