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As the name implies, the Lightning Rod Kurn brand is a device created to avoid the risk of danger caused by lightning. So the use of this tool is highly recommended to be installed in various places such as at home, office buildings, shopping centers and buildings. Well, if you are in need of this tool, immediately visit the site and get various types that are sold by suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.

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Some Types of Anti-Lightning Devices You Need to Know

Conventional Lightning Protection

This type of conventional anti-lightning device was first designed by its inventor named Benjamin Franklin. Until now, this tool has become one of the types most often used by the public at large, especially for the home. The design is so simple design makes this object so easy to find, especially if you buy it online namely in

Electrostatic Lightning Protection

Unlike the previous type, electrostatic lightning devices offer a wider range of protection. The higher the device is placed, the wider the range of protection provided. So, no wonder this tool is often found in locations with large areas such as tall buildings, plantations, golf courses, industrial factories or mining areas.

It can be concluded that the use of these two types of anti-lightning devices is so important in our lives. He is very instrumental in providing more protection to the building to avoid any dangerous conditions caused by lightning such as fire or damage electronic equipment in it . Therefore, immediately use the appropriate Lightning Rod Kurn brand that you need in

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Looking for a supplier or distributor that sells the most complete type of lightning rod, now it's easier since presence as one of the marketplaces offering a line of quality electrical products. You can use the purchase request feature to submit goods procurement to the reliable suppliers and distributors in Indotrading, both in wholesale quantities and units with attractive offers, because you can easily and effectively carry out the price negotiation process with the seller. There are also various other electrical equipment that you can find such as Weatherproof Switch Socket Surface Socket Outlet , Dimmer and many others in Indotrading. Come on, buy the tools now!

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