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Types of Load Cell Kubota brand

To choose a suitable Load Cell Kubota brand as needed, it is very important for you to know the various types of load cells and their applications:

1. Single Point Load Cell Kubota brand

Single Point Load Cell Kubota brand is the most common type of Load Cell Kubota brand available on the market today. This type usually has the ability to measure the center load. This type of Load Cell Kubota brand is usually applied to calculate the scales, balances, bag fillers, retail, medical weighing, packaging, price setting scale and industrial weighing. This type offers high quality and high measurement accuracy.

2. S-Type Load Cell Kubota brand

As the name implies, this type of Load Cell Kubota brand is indeed the letter S. This type is very well used for tension and compression applications. Typically, you can find this tool in the hopper and truck scale applications, tank level scales, mechanical to electric scale conversion, level and inventory monitoring. In addition, the advantages offered by this type also include high durability and compact design.

3. Tension/Compression Cells

JThis type serves to carry high capacity loads and is suitable for any industrial application. So do not be surprised if tension / compression cells are known as very accurate gauges. Typically, these tools are widely used for platform scales, hopper scales, car testers, track scales, and electronic weighing devices.

4. Shear Beam and Bending Beam

This type offers a low profile construction and can be integrated into a limited area. Shear beams and bending beams are very cost effective and some models are corrosion resistant and are suitable for harsh environments. This type is widely used for OEM applications and in some cell applications such as tank weighing and industrial control processes.

5. Miniature Load Cell Kubota brand

As the name implies, these miniature and sub miniature load cells are small, even some of which have a height of less than 1cm. This makes it suitable for use in applications that have limited space. Although small, this tool is very reliable you know!

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