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Scissor lifts are one of the industrial lifting equipment used to reach heights with a mechanical mechanism, designed in the form of a pole shaped like a scissor. This tool is generally used on project work, installing ceilings, installing street lights or various activities that need to reach heights. Finding scissor lifts is also very easy with the presence of Indotrading as an e-commerce that sells various industrial equipment and projects, directly from trusted distributors and suppliers throughout Indonesia.


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et to know the Lift Scissor Lift Intech brand Tool

Scissor lifts are classified as one of the lifting tools that have many roles in the work process in the industrial field. The activity of lifting goods with large loads is often carried out by the industry, so that the use of assistive devices is very necessary. Including scissor lifts, which work processes rely on the battery and Hydraulic Pump. For this type of tool consists of 2 variants namely Scissor Lift Intech brand Table Manual and Scissor Lift Intech brand Table Manual. Both of these variants usually rely on pumping manually with Hydroulis which can reach heights of up to 2 meters.

In addition to manuals, there are also types of scissors that use electrical systems with 3 different variants, namely standard lift table, low lift table electric and U low lift electric. These three variants have relied on a more sophisticated system, the electric Hydroulis system. Load capacity that can be transported can reach 500 kg to 4 tons with a height level reaching 1.4 meters.

Price List of Scissor Lifts Available in Indotrading


Estimation Price

Denco Scissor Lift Intech brand 12meter

Rp 200.000.000

Krisbow 350kg

Rp 6.000.000

Scissor Lift AWPS 4696

Rp 250.000.000

Meja Lift Table OPK

Rp 5.000.000

Maxiton SJY

Rp 125.000.000

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