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Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand in Indonesia

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Buy cheap Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand from the brands of Zeki, Gunnebo, Unico, Ofi, Ozeki, Merdeka, Fencer and others from the best and cheapest suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand is one of the equipment in a fire extinguisher installation that serves to remove pressurized water that is used to extinguish the fire during a fire in an area close to the installation of a hydrant pillar. The way to use the Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand is by connecting it with a fire hose used by firefighters, then the water can be sprayed towards the fire to be extinguished. In Indonesia there are two types of Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand which is often used the first two way Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand is one type of Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand that uses 2 connections for removing water. Both one way Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand is one type of Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand that only uses one output of water expenditure.

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PT. Palapa Nusantara
Jawa Timur , Malang

Price of Cheap and Latest Pillar Hydrant in Indonesia

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Brands Price
Venus Pillar Hydrant Rp. 4,525,000
Zeki Pillar Hydrant Rp. 2.999,000
Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand Machino Rp. 3,200,000

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Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand function for Fire Extinguishers

In accordance with its function, Hydrant Pillar Hooseki brand is a device that serves to remove pressurized water to be used by firefighters to extinguish fires easily and quickly directly quickly and in large quantities to extinguish fires that are affordable from the location. In addition, this tool is also commonly used by firefighters to fill water in fire engines or fire to fill water tanks.

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