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For those of you who want to install CCTV in your home, of course you are familiar with the name DVR. CCTV DVR or digital video decoder CCTV is an electronic device that has the function to record video into digital format to DVD media, USB flash , SD memory, or other storage devices. Along with the times, CCTV DVR is experiencing a revolution into a device that is rich in features beyond ordinary recording devices. In fact, this device itself is able to search videos based on events, dates and times. In the security system, this device can be monitored remotely by connecting to the internet network.

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Know the Importance of CCTV DVR Honeywell brand Features

On CCTV DVR devices there are various important features in it, namely:

  1. HD input / HD camera / HD CCTV.
  2. Has a variety of image resolutions up to full HD 1080p.
  3. Supported IP network camera support .

Various Types of CCTV DVR

On CCTV DVR devices there are several types, including the following.

1. 4 channel DVR    

This type of DVR has four video channels. This device is suitable for use in warehouses, shops, offices or homes. For those of you who have a limited budget , you can choose this device because the price of this CCTV DVR is quite affordable.

2. 8 channel DVR    

This type of DVR has eight video channels. This device is suitable for housing, retail businesses, and middle class businesses. Features offered, namely remote control , CD / DVD rewriters, and USB ports .

3. 16 channel DVR    

Of the other types of DVR, this type of DVR is best in its class because it can be connected to 16 analog CCTV cameras. This DVR is suitable for large houses, offices, factories, malls , and so on.

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

Honeywell HJC4000 DVR Keyboard

Rp 20,000,000

6 Ch Big Storage 8HDD x 6 TB DVR

IDR 16,000,000

Dahua Nvr7864-Rh

IDR 11,000,000

Honeywell HRHQ1160

Rp 6,000,000

6 Channel supported by 4 HDD with 6 TB

IDR 30,000,000


IDR 1,500,000

Dahua Nvr7432-16P

Rp 6,000,000

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