Diesel Generator Hartech brand

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About Diesel Generator

Diesel generator is a power plant that uses diesel fuel or a diesel engine. This has the advantage of being far more economical than fuel and more powerful so that it can be used continuously because the diesel engine is stronger to run for hours on a type of generator set engine other than diesel. The average capacity generated by a large Diesel Generator Hartech brand can generate electricity ranging from 5 Kw (5000 Watts) to 2 MV (2,000,000 Watts). As an emergency equipment, this generator can be used anywhere, if additional or replacement electrical energy is required from PLN electricity.

Diesel Generator Price Range from Supplier

The following is an estimate of the price of a Diesel Generator Hartech brand set that can be your reference before searching for and buying diesel generators that you want to buy. From the list of the latest Diesel Generator Hartech brand prices this is the price displayed by the seller or supplier of generator sets diesel fuel in Indotrading. To get a complete price estimate, you can directly contact the seller directly or send a request for generator set according to what you want on the page for requests for Diesel Generator Hartech brand prices.

Product Name Price
Caterpillar 625 generator IDR 480,000,000
Caterpillar 750 generator set Rp 700,000,000
Cummins 1000 KVA generator Rp. 680,000,000
350 KVA Perkins Genset Rp. 749,650,165

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