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Selling Cooking Oil Filma brand directly from trusted suppliers and distributors in Indotrading. Available in 200ml, 500ml, 1 liter and 2 liter packages. In addition, provide a larger size, for example jerry can packaging for culinary entrepreneurs, which will usually be more economical.

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Latest Price of Packaging Cooking Oil Filma brand 2020

Shop for wholesale Cooking Oil Filma brand in various packages such as bottles, sachets and jerry cans in Indotrading. Various suppliers offer you competitive prices. Also check out some references to oil prices with literary packages or cups from the following selected brands:

Cooking Oil Brands Price

Bimoli 1 Liter Rp. 15,000
Bimoli 2 Liter Rp. 25,000
Sania 2 Liter Rp. 23,500
Fortune 1 Liter Rp. 12,500
Tropical 1 Liter Rp. 15,000
Pomegranate 1 Liter Rp. 15,000
Rose Brand Cup Rp. 4,100
* This price information is updated April 24, 2020, prices are subject to change at any time.


Cooking Oil Brand

There are suppliers of bimoli, tropical, sania, fortune and filma oil as well as other brands. You can get everything directly from suppliers and distributors. Call immediately to get the best offer!


Benefits of Cooking Oil Filma brand for Health

It turns out that there are lots of benefits of Cooking Oil Filma brand that we often use to process various foods such as fried bananas, tempeh, tofu and various foods that use this cooking oil. There are several types of oil that are made from various ingredients with their benefits, you can see more of them below:

1. Coconut Oil is a Cooking Oil Filma brand made from the processing of old and fresh coconut fruit which has benefits as an antioxidant and helps the growth of probiotics in our digestion as well as kills bad bacteria.

2. Palm oil is made from palm oil seeds that are suitable for processing into Cooking Oil Filma brand containing vitamins A and E which are beneficial for the health of the body with various brands that have been widely marketed in Indonesia.

3. Corn oil is a type of oil made from the processing of corn kernels. Corn oil is useful for helping skin health because it is rich in vitamin E.

4. Sesame oil is a vegetable oil from sesame seeds that is beneficial for skin health and beauty. It contains vitamin E, vitamin K and has antioxidants.

5. Olive oil is made from olive fruit and seeds. It has unsaturated fats which are beneficial for antioxidants and at the same time help to maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels.


Cooking Oil Supplier in Indotrading

There are Cooking Oil Filma brand suppliers in several cities in Indotrading, including Tangerang and Jakarta.

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