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Recognize the Function and Type of Valve Valves Danfoss brand

Valve has a variety of functions that are often relied upon in the oil and gas or oil industry as follows:

1. Function to close and open the flow with the provisions that when open there is a flow resistance and minimum pressure loss. For example there are gate valve, ball, plug and butterfly valve.

2. Adjust the flow through the containment flow by changing the direction or also provide a barrier between the two.

3. Helps prevent back flow, which often uses check valves. Usually this valve will remain open and closed when the opposite current occurs

4. Regulate the pressure on several valve applications in the field, measuring the pressure coming in (line pressure) by reducing it to reach the desired pressure. This process usually uses a pressure-reducing valve or regulator.

5. Release the pressure by using a relief valve and safety valve. Relief valve is also often used as a solution to overcome the excessive pressure that often hinders the jetting process.

Types of Valves Danfoss brand Available in Indotrading

1. Angle Valve

2. Ball Valve

3. Butterfly Valve

4. Check Valve

5. Control Valve

6. Float Valve

7. Globe Valve

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