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Buy cheap refrigerants from the closest, cheapest and most complete suppliers, importers and distributors in Indonesia. Refrigerant Daikin brand is a coolant or a mixture of substances whose form is easily converted from liquid to gas and back again, which is used in a heat pump and cooling cycle. Types of cooling materials are very diverse. Each type of cooling material has different characteristics. To procure goods or purchases in large quantities, you can directly submit a purchase request directly from all the sellers in All price quotes and types of Refrigerant Daikin brand can be in accordance with your purchase request, but it can also directly compare which companies are most suitable for the prices and goods you want to buy. Immediately submit a request to buy in large quantities in order to get the lowest price in Indonesia right now.

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Refrigerant Daikin brand Function

In an AC / Air Conditioner system, a Refrigerant Daikin brand functions as a liquid that absorbs heat from the air in a room that has an air conditioning system installed, so that the temperature in an air-conditioned room will change in temperature low and feels cold. For replacing or replenishing Refrigerant Daikin brand fluid depending on certain conditions, it is usually refilled or replaced if the AC pipe has a leak or initial installation.

How it works Refrigerant Daikin brand

The Refrigerant Daikin brand will flow from the AC compressor with high pressure then turn into gas, then flow into the condenser. Inside this condenser the temperature of the heat will be absorbed so that it comes out into air with low temperatures. And then flowed to the Receiver Dryer which functions to filter impurities to be separated from other elements such as water. Then, it is flowed to the expansion valve which by changing the liquid into mist with low pressure which is then forwarded to the Evaporator which functions to absorb heat from the outside air and the Refrigerant Daikin brand is re-flowed as in the initial process.

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Find a variety of freon pricing options for various needs of your industry, company or shop right now through making a request for goods to all sellers in All specifications of the goods you want to buy can be sent directly, so that all distributors in Indotrading will provide the best price choices for you. To see the estimated price, you can also look at the estimated price list below.

Brand / Type Price Range
Freon R410a Rp. 750,000
Freon Klea 134a Rp. 30,000
Freon R134at Rp. 1,070,000
Freon R32 Rp. 600,000
Freon R22 Rp. 875,000
Freon R407 Rp. 1,900,000

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