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Air Conditioner Daikin brand or better known as AC is electronic equipment that functions for tools air conditioners that work by circulating refrigerant gas through pipes which is pressed and suctioned by AC compressor . With this air conditioning equipment, small or large rooms will have a better air quality cooler and cooler. The advantage of using air conditioning, you can easily adjust the temperature of your room based on the temperature you want to go through remote AC . The smaller the temperature number you choose, the colder the air is issued / enter your room and vice versa. If you are looking for a supplier or distributor of air conditioners with the best price quotes, Indotrading the right solution for the procurement of goods in large quantities for business needs.

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Tips for Selecting the Best AC

To find the best air conditioning system information, we usually start by searching for the complete information both through the brochure, coming directly to the store and also through searching on Google. Not many people are confused with what they are looking for, because usually the information search is only based on the lowest price. So that you do not choose wrong and buy, here are some tips you can try.

1. View and adjust the area of ​​the room to determine the PK size

PK or Paard Kracht means horse power, size 1 PK = 735.5 watts = 0.986 Horse Power. AC 1 PK size is sufficient to cool a room with an area of ​​50 m3 (LxPxT = 4x5x2.5). However, it is also necessary for how hot the room is under certain conditions.

2. Adjust the electrical power with the device

This is one of the criteria including the most important before buying. Adjusting the electrical power of the house or office is mandatory. Because if we only buy without regard to the electric power, the items that you have purchased will be in vain and cannot be used, except to add more power first.

3. Compare brands and specifications

When we have determined how much the need for air conditioning devices to be used. Furthermore, you can also directly compare between two or more brands so that you will see at the same price which has the best specifications for your needs. This criterion, also often associated with trusted brands among the public or consumers to determine the brand of choice. Because with trusted brands, matters of warranty and service and parts are not a problem anymore.

Latest Low-Cost AC Models and Specifications

Besides you can get price quotes from sellers in Indotrading directly, you can also see some reference brands and favorite types that are currently being purchased for installation in rooms, living rooms or offices. From the best choice brands like below, what are your favorite choices? If you need to find references to other specifications or brands, you can directly submit a request for a quote directly via the Indotrading RFQ feature.

Brands Estimated Price
Daikin 1/2 pk FTV15BXV Rp. 2,949,000
Samsung 1/2 pk AR05KRFLAWKN Rp. 2,500,000
LG 1/2 pk T06EV3 Rp. 3,385,000
Changhong 1/2 pk CSC05NVA Rp. 2,459,000
Midea 1/2 pk R32 Rp. 2,585,000

* From the price information and specifications above can always change, this info is summarized on April 14, 2020

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