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Basic functions in a Gas Detector Crowcon brand

Detecting whether there is dangerous gas present somewhere can now be done by relying on a special gas detector. This tool works to measure the presence of substances that are airborne by measuring gas concentration or levels. When choosing this tool it needs to involve several kinds of aspects such as being easily calibrated, according to the material measured, can be used easily, effectively and efficiently to obtain spare parts.

Getting to know the Types of Gas Detector Crowcon brand

The following is a list of the types of gas detectors and their specifications.

  1. Toxic Gas Detector Crowcon brand

This type of detector is able to detect if there are dangerous or toxic gases around us. Toxic gas detectors themselves are still divided into various types such as tube detectors, bedge detection, portable detection and fixed systems.

Oxygen Analyzer

Oxygen Analyzer is a device used as a measure of oxygen concentration at a location. The benefit of this tool is to provide protection to workers when oxygen is depleted. Its use is done before entering a vessel or room that does not have air circulation and contains inert gas.

Combustible / Flammable type

Another case with this one detector is that this tool works to measure the content of a vapor or gas that triggers a fire. The measurement results of this tool are illustrated on a percentage scale below the LEL (Lower Explosive Limit).

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