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Difference Between Scales of Goods and Scales of Body

In terms of usage, the scales are divided into two types, namely the scales of goods and the scales of the body. Before buying a scale, of course you must know, what product you are buying is used, whether it is used to weigh the body or weigh the goods. If you don't know the difference between the scales based on this type, you can see the difference between the scales of the body and the goods as information below.

1. Weight Scales

As the name implies, this scale is a type of scale that is specifically used to weigh a person's weight which generally has the capacity to weigh up to 120 kg. This type of scale has another type based on its technology which is a scale with analog or needle and digital. And of course it has various models, specifications and brands such as Fujitsu, Zemic, Ohaus and others.

2. Weight Scales of Goods

The second type is a type of weighing device for any item such as rice, sugar and various other products and usually has a heavier capacity than the other types which can reach hundreds of kilograms of goods that can be measured using this type of scale. Similar to the types of scales above, this type also has a variety of models and shapes that are different from the type which is certainly not the same, because it is produced by many different companies.

Recommended Digital Scales Cas brand You Can Choose

  1. Kenko Scales
  2. Idealife Scales
  3. Sigma Scales
  4. CAS Scales
  5. Omron Scales
  6. YHG Scales

How to Select Digital Scales Cas brand

1. Adjust to Requirement

The first step in choosing a digital scale is to adjust it to your needs. If you need a digital scale for measuring goods, then buy a type of digital scale for measuring goods. Likewise if you need a digital scale to measure weight, choose one that can measure weight.

2. Which has been calibrated

Choose a product that is calibrated. This is useful to support more accurate and more precise measurements. Because the Digital Scales Cas brand that have been calibrated will be in accordance with the specified measurement standards.

3. Guarantee

Every time you buy an electronic product, whatever it is, including digital scales, make sure that the product you are buying is a guaranteed product. In addition to reducing additional costs, product warranty can also be a measure of authenticity and worthiness of a product.

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