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How to Choose the Best Printer Ink Canon brand Refill

Before you buy ink, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of refill ink that you want to buy, some of the advantages and disadvantages of each ink available in Indotrading. So if you want to get goods that fit the specifications and type you want, you should also compare with several brands that have the same specifications. If you've got the right type, you will of course also get good quality printed images and text. Among the many types of ink, you can buy ink refill for the best printer that you can buy from companies in Indotrading. To get information on some ink prices, you can also directly see the price table information below.

Best Cheap Price Printer Ink Canon brand Brand

Have a printer from the best brands in Indonesia? Make sure to refill with the best quality ink as well so that your printer remains durable and durable in use, because the quality of the original ink will usually affect the length of use or determine the quality of a good print. Especially clearer colors do not fade easily, because every printed result whether it is writing, drawing or photos, of course, the quality is determined by the ink and paper used. So choose original ink with competitive prices that you can find and get directly from various authorized ink distributors in Indonesia in Indotrading. The following are some estimates of relatively competitive ink prices of the highest quality.

Brand / Type Estimated price
HP Deskjet 2135 Black ink Rp. 128,700
HP 680 Black ink Rp. 121,000
Canon PG47 Black Ink Rp. 125,000
Canon 811 Color Ink Rp. 230,000
Epson Original L3110 ink Rp. 250,000
Brother T300 ink, T500 Color Rp. 376,000

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