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Concrete breaker, otherwise known as a concrete bending machine, is a machine used to facilitate the process of demolition or destruction on concrete. The types of these engines are quite diverse, some of which are often relied upon are the Jack Hammer which is often applied to railroad construction, road construction & other industrial jobs. To get the types of quality concrete molding machines, you can just visit the website and buy it directly from the best suppliers, distributors and importers in Indonesia.

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Concrete Breaker bosch

Technical Data:ELECTRIC BREAKER HAMMER GSH 27 VC ProfessionalElectricity: 2000 WattPunch Speed ​​Without Load: 1000 bpmStrength per Beat: 69 JEye Sculpture: Hexagon 1-1 / 8 "/ 28mmResults sleep: 3200 kg / hTop hilt: Vibration ControlFEATURES Jack Hammers, Hammers BOSCH Breaker GSH 27 VCThe most powerful electric breaker from Bosch HammerAffect

  • Price : Rp32.000.000
  • Brand : Bosch
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Banten , Kota Tangerang

Rows of Types of Concrete Breakers Commonly Used

  • Electric Hammer
Electric Hammer works with electric power which is produced in various sizes. This tool is created by relying on several supporting components, but does not require a compressor. Although previously the tool did not have air or pneumatic power, but this tool was able to work with electric power that was reliable enough to break the concrete quite easily.

  • Pneumatic Hammer
Known as pneumatic drill or pneumatic drill hammer that works with compressed air as its main resource. Usually air supply is usually obtained from the performance of portable air compressors assisted by diesel engines. In its application, this tool can work with 2 levels of speed namely standard and maximum. Modern pneumatic hammer usually uses a rotary compressor and has a fairly sophisticated variable system. This unit is installed on a trailer as well as on an electric generator as a supplier of lights and electric devices.

  • Gasoline Hammer
It is a hydraulic drill that is often used for road repairs, various excavation and demolition regarding construction. This machine is also reliable in breaking vertical walls and is often used in the mining industry which can sometimes trigger the risk of explosion because it does not have a high-power electrical circuit.

Concrete Breaker Price Range in Indotrading


Price Range

Demolition Breaker Hammer Neuson BH 55

Rp 80.000.000

Concrete Breaker Cutter Wacker Neuson BFS20D

Rp 85.000.000

Pick Hammer Toku

Rp 4.000.000

Jack Hammer Compressor TPB 40 60

Rp 16.000.000

Concrete Breaker TOKU TPB-90

Rp 35.000.000

Concrete Breaker Cutter TIGON

Rp 28.000.000

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