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Forklift is known as one of the heavy equipment that has a physical shape with 2 forks that are useful for lifting pallets. Some energy sources that are capable of moving these heavy machinery are solar , gas and battery . This heavy equipment is generally used in garment companies, factories and warehouses to facilitate operations when lifting goods with large capacity. For Forklifts Bomac brand that are in need of quality forklifts, Forklifts Bomac brand can directly search for it easily in

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Forklift type

Forklifts Bomac brand are one of the heavy equipment machines that have many advantages. Usually Forklifts Bomac brand are used in the logistics industry, warehousing and so on. Its function is to lift, move and lower items with large capacity. The operator of the engine is also driven directly by humans, that is by sitting or standing in the space provided. As with various other heavy equipment, Forklifts Bomac brand also have several types of criteria, each of which has different advantages such as the following:

Electric Forklift
This type was created to lift large-capacity goods, which can be used both indoors and outdoors and capable of carrying out loading and unloading activities at ports, in factories, warehouses and so on. This type has the ability to lift loads up to 5 tons.
Diesel Forklift
Can only work for outdoors, this machine is equipped with a sophisticated system diesel engines with heavy carrying capacity of up to 10 tons with lifting and lifting goods up to 6 meters
Forklift Gasoline   
Same with the type of electric, this heavy equipment can also be used for outdoor or indoor activities, both to move from one area to another or facilitate the arrangement of shelves. high shelf. However, this type of tool is only able to lift weights up to 2 tons.
Reach Truck
For this last type it is usually used specifically to transport larger capacity items, as well as to arrange warehouse shelves height with loads reaching 2 tons and height reaching 8.5 meters.

Cheap Forklift Prices

Search and find a variety of the latest forklift brands and models that you can use for the various needs of your trading company or business. All various needs such as specifications, brands and models to suit various needs. Immediately search and get various information about the items you need right now to get the items you want right now.

Brand / Type Engine Estimated Price
Mitsubishi Diesel 2 Ton Rp. 200,000,000
2 Ton Electric Noblift Rp. 185,000,000
Caterpillar Diesel 2 Ton Rp. 260,000,000
Bomac Diesel 5 Ton Rp. 417,000,000

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