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1. Sitesafe Rp. 144,900
2. Safety Blue Rp. 214,000
3. Ranger Rp. 500,000
4. MSK Rp. 18,500
5. ASA
Rp. 17,500
6. VGS Rp. 20,000
7. Earmuff
Rp. 85,000

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Before making a purchase of a safety helmet, first determine what the brand and model. With this, you will definitely find it easier to choose and compare various helmets that you will use for various activities and purposes, for example, for resale. If you choose a helmet for personal use, you can choose freely according to your wishes, of course, choose the type and model that meets Indonesian national standards or safety standards. If for the procurement of safety helmets for employees or companies of course you also have to choose based on the type, size, model and brand that has been mutually agreed upon. Different again, if the procurement of safety helmets for resale or for business must definitely choose several helmets with a variety of brands, models and specifications that are different because surely each of your consumers will look for a variety of different models also in accordance with the wishes of each consumer. Here are some brands of safety helmets that you can find in

In addition to some of the above brands, there are many other manufacturers or manufacturers of helmets using other brands besides the list above. Be sure to choose the helmet that you first determine what brand you want to buy, so you can also compare the quality and compare the specifications of each brand and model.

The Meaning of Project Helmet Color

1. Blue Helmet , this color is often used for field workers such as PLN technicians or electricity officers.

2. Red Helmet , is a type of helmet color that is often used by project officers who specifically ensure the safety system in the project is up to standard or not.

3. Yellow Color Helmet g, this type of color is used for project workers including general workers such as handyman / machine operators and sub-contractors.

4. Orange Helmet , the color of this helmet is used by project guests who are reviewing the project site, but not the workers in the project

5. White Helmet , is a helmet specifically used by project supervisors who have positions such as foreman, engineer or project manager.

6. Brown Helmet, this brown helmet is often used for welding officers in a welding project with machines welding and areas with hot temperatures of course this type of helmet has a different material that is heat resistant.

However, for some of the same colors in the description above, it does not apply to other types of safety helmets such as r

ock climbing helmets, rafting helmets or motorcycle helmet , promotional helmets and other types and models of helmets that can vary various colors and models that are diverse and not.

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