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Hotel Toothbrush / Dental Kit Prices

Find various types of models and sizes of toothbrushes for dental and mouth care needs for hotels or lodging at the lowest price by offering wholesale prices that you can buy in large quantities to directly as stock in a hotel or in your company right now. You can directly submit a purchase request directly to all suppliers in Indotrading for various dental and oral care equipment for hotels or previously you can also see the estimated price below:

Products Estimated Price
Odol Dental kit + Plastic Packaging Brush (min. order 100 pcs) Rp. 795
Toothpaste + Premium toothbrush (min. order 100 pcs) Rp. 2,000
Dental kit carton box packaging (min. order 100 pcs) Rp. 1,000
Folding toothbrush + 100 pcs toothpaste Rp. 380,000

Supplier / Distributor of Hotel Toothbrushes provides a variety of types and models of toothbrushes, be it one package or unit. You can directly submit a variety of procurement of goods directly from all distributors and suppliers of hotels here consisting of various companies in Indotrading now to get the best range of direct offers from large companies supplying hotel equipment from all over Indonesia, which usually become a hotel supplier company hotels in Jogja, Bandung, Jakarta, Bali and outside Java.

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