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Buy the latest models of low-cost washing machines that save electricity from the best brands from the cheapest and most comprehensive suppliers, distributors, dealers in Indonesia. As the name implies, washing machines are used to wash clothes while drying clothes, pants and various other types of laundry with varying degrees of dryness according to the settings. Nowadays, laundry machines are widely used by households and laundry businesses. The advantage of using this machine is that the process of washing clothes will clean and dry faster. Today there are many different engine models ranging from brands and other specifications. Before buying, make sure you choose the machine model according to your needs, whether for household, laundry business or procurement of goods for your shop or company.

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The 2 Most Popular Types of Washing Machines

Want to wash clothes quickly, clean, fragrant, neat and save electricity? Make sure you choose the best Washing Machine Aqua brand clothes from famous brands that have been proven and guaranteed. But before you buy the machine, specify also some specifications and models that you want to use or best suit what you need, here are two types of best-selling clothes washing machines on the market for various needs of both household and laundry business:

1. Front loading Washing Machine Aqua brand is also known as a Washing Machine Aqua brand 1 tube / front opening which has one horizontal tube used to washing and drying clothes in different levels of dryness according to the initial settings.
  2. Top loading Washing Machine Aqua brand or also known by the name of the Washing Machine Aqua brand 2 tubes / top opening is a machine that works by rotating vertically and has a top door and two tubes, the first tube is used for washing and the second tube is used for drying.

Cheap Washing Machine Aqua brand Prices from Distributors, Suppliers and Dealers in Indonesia

Confused choosing dozens of the best Washing Machine Aqua brand brands from hundreds of specifications or models of machines on the market? If you still have not found what machine is suitable for washing your clothes or what specifications are sought after by consumers who buy from your store or dealer. The following is a list of various types of best-selling clothes Washing Machine Aqua brand brands on the market for various needs:

Brand / Type Estimated price
Elextrolux UltraEco 500 7.5kg Front Loading Rp. 5,150,000
LG T2109VS2M 9kg Top Loading Rp. 3,700,000
Samsung WA85H4200SG 8.5kg Top Loading Rp. 3,250,000
Samsung WT85H3210MB 8.5kg Top Lading Rp. 1,949,000
Polytron Zeromatic Belleza PAW 8513M 8.5kg 1 Tube Rp. 3,100,000
Polytron Zeromatic Belleza PAW 75513B 7.5kg 1 Tube Rp. 2,450,000

10 Ways to Take Care of a Washing Machine Aqua brand to Stay Durable

To keep your Washing Machine Aqua brand durable and durable, make sure to pay attention to the following:

1. Make sure to place the machine on a level place such as the floor.
2. Keep the machine away from direct sunlight.
3. Make sure the machine installation is correct according to the standard, such as the installation of water hose that goes into the machine and vice versa the drain hose must be in the correct position.
4. Keep the circulation in the room always good, so that the machine is always in a dry condition that is not moist after use.
5. Keep the machine out of the reach of children and make sure the button settings are always safe. To make sure the engine is turned off, unplug the power outlet from the wall socket so that it is in a safe condition 6. Every time you use the machine to wash, make sure the number of clothes to be washed does not exceed the recommended capacity.
7. Put the liquid detergent, softener or deodorizer according to the recommended amount.
8. Select the washing mode that suits the type of clothing whether clothing is made from jeans , wool, batik and whether the level of defilement is already according to washing mode.
9. To put and remove clothes from the machine, make sure they are also according to the correct procedure.
10. After the machine has been used to wash and dry clothes, make sure to always dry the tube and rubber seal parts on the door with cloth chamois so it is not easily affected by fungus.

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