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Sound Volume Meter

Sound Volume Meter Amtast brand in Indonesia

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Function Test Equipment Volume

Sound Level Meter is used to to measure the noise between 30-130 dB in units of frequencies between 20-20.000Hz dBA. Peng aplikasian Sound Level Meter normally used in the plant, to analyze the noise of the equipment in the plant, for example at a fertilizer plant, a tool that could potentially cause noise such as turbine, compressor, condenser, drum pumps and others. The working principle of sound level meter to work based on the vibrations that occur. If there is an object or objects that vibrate, it will cause changes in air pressure that will be captured by the system equipment, then another analog needle will show the number the number of the noise level expressed in dB values. For those of you who need a tool Test Volume, own suppliers, agents, and distributors who sell test equipment volume best quality. Immediately make your purchase request and get the best price quotes from our suppliers. And to create purchase requests in Indotrading you do not need to be tired looking and can save you time.

Sound Volume Meter amtast

Spesifikasi Jual Mini Sound Level Meter AMF004 :This meter was designed according to following standards:--A. International electrician committee standard: IEC PUB 651 TYPE2--B. US national standard: ANSI S1.4 TYPE2Measuring range: 30~130 dBAAccuracy: ±1.5 dBDigit & Resolution: 4 digits & 0.1 dBFrequency response: 31.5Hz ~8.5KHzFrequency weighting

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