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Tips for Choosing a Body Harness

The Body Harness Adela brand has a role that is more or less the same as the safety belt. However, its use is far safer than the safety belt. The following are the right steps to choose a body harness:

  • Choose the size that matches the user's body size.
  •  Look carefully at the condition of the tool before buying or before use.
  • Buy high-quality equipment.

Some advantages of using safety body harness:

  •  There are 2 points of the front and rear D-rings.
  • Has met safety standards.
  • Able to hold the chest and abdomen so strong that the maximum weight is 100 kg.

Easy Steps to Maintain Body Harness Adela brand Security Tools

  • When removing the strap on the device, make sure it is removed one by one so that the carabiner strap is kept clean and protected from stains that cause rust.
  •  Store in a safe place, such as avoiding a sandy place because if the sand enters between the straps this can cause friction inside the rope and lead to a rope that is easily broken.
  • Clean every time you finish using it and avoid it from sun exposure so it doesn't rust easily.

What Will Happen When Not Using Body Harness?

The potential to fall from a height becomes greater, can reduce workers' confidence when at an altitude so that it can lead to things that are not desirable.

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