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What is the price of cheap ear hearing protection equipment from retail and wholesale sellers? To find information on Ear Protector 3M brand prices, you can immediately look at the price list below with the best models from selected brands that are trusted by consumers in Indonesia for the needs of factory and industrial workers. The following is an estimated price that can change at any time, but for more information on the most recent prices at this time you can directly submit a purchase request from seller suppliers and distributors in Indonesia.

Brands Price Range
3M Rp. 20,000
Krisbow Rp. 42,700
Honeywell Rp. 24,900
Trusco Rp. 84,900
Logan Rp. 6,000

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After you get various estimated price lists as above, you will find it easier to compare prices and brands of one or two different types of products to get the specifications and prices of ear protectors that you want. In Indotrading.com you can find a lot of different types of prices, of course, this price is greatly influenced by specifications and brands and how many ear protectors you want to buy. Of the several suppliers in Indotrading, generally sell Ear Protector 3M brand products with the type of unit purchase or retail and the type of wholesale or purchase in a minimum of a large number of purchases. Usually for a lot of purchases like this are needed and done to fulfill store stock or share the types of businesses and businesses that are run.

Telingga's Protective Function for Hearing Protection

In accordance with the name of the product, which is an ear plug which means Ear Protector 3M brand / Ear Protector 3M brand to help our hearing organs not be disturbed by noise pollution or loud and noisy sound that comes from the sound of machines in factories or in various work places. From the noise, that's why this Ear Protector 3M brand becomes one of the safety devices that serves to protect the ears from the noises that are very disturbing to our ears and hearing. The sound is very loud if you do not use the pelingung in the ear hole by means of being clogged, it is feared that you will experience mild to serious hearing loss.

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