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Building Contractor is a person or a legal entity or a business entity in the contract or in the lease to run the project work based on the content of the contract which he won from the project owner, the agency / government agencies, legal entities, business entities, and individuals, who have made appointments formally. By using a Building Contractor you can find out how the budget costs to be incurred, can discuss the design and floor plan that suits your needs and budget funds are prepared, oversight of the work tersistem and discipline, no need to laboriously search for materials, no need to laboriously search for and supervising bricklayers, do not need to think about the security of material, do not have to worry about the technical construction and construction phases, if the work is less well able to complain without any additional charge.

Baja Ringan Construction By Baja Ringan Construction

Light Steel Construction is a business that is engaged in the retail field of construction materials for building materials. We are located in Medan City. Our products have been tested for quality and excellence so that they can be relied upon for the construction of your building. We sell various kinds of construction needs including: Channel C Mild Steel, Light Steel Gording, Metal Roof Alluzinc Roof, Onduline Roof Roof, Rooftop Roof, Gypsum Board Ceiling, PVC Ceiling, Panel GRC Board, Kalsi, Nusa and Versa Board, GRC Partition Board, PVC and Galvanized Harmonica Wire, Iron Pipe, Concrete Iron, Wiremesh, PVC Pipe, Interior and Exterior Design, Furniture Design, Glass Design, Garden Design, Arcitecture Design, Building Painting Services, Gutter Services, Ceramic Floor Services and many more again.

2 Year
Trans Engineering Sentosa By Trans Engineering Sentosa

PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) was established in 2002 with its own Office and Warehouse in Medan, Indonesia. At the same time we have also prepared Telecommunications special services with a focus on Power System Installation, Network Installation in an integrated Logistics Service Package.PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) is progressing and developing with the vision and mission of offering and providing installation services and transportation services in the area where we exist. PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) has a Collaborative Relationship with Key Actors in the Telecommunications Industry Globally Like, PT. Telkomsel, PT. Indosat, PT. Hariff DTE and PT. Fluidic Indonesia as a United States (USA) Company, PT Lintas Artha, PT Moratel, PT. Westindo Eka Perkasa, PT. GSPE, PT. Abhimata Citra Abadi (ACA). We continue to innovate and move forward and are committed to maintaining the best service for our customers wherever they are.

1 Year
Sinartech Multi Perkasa By PT Sinartech Multi Perkasa

PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa is a company engaged in the construction of manufactur, engineering and consultants, the workmanship includes EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and OPC (Operational Procerement Construction), specifically on the work of PALM OIL MILL, KERNEL CRUSHING PLANT, REFINERY PLANT, CRUMB RUBBER FACTORY.PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa established in 2014 which is a GROUP of PT.Nasatech Sukses Abadi which has been established in 2013 and has a branch in Bubutan field under the name of PT. Sinartech Multi Engineering, to improve the field of industrial manufactur in the country, especially in PALM OIL MILL by inviting experts and professionals and experienced in their field as employees and equipment and equipment that supports the achievement of optimal results.PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa has a great commitment to move forward and develop on every project that is handled, and will give the best result in achieving the desired completion target in terms of cost, quality, time and satisfactory service to client.PT. Sinartech Multi Perkasa provides an optimal and efficient price offering and competitive provide good material quality in accordance with the specifications in the completion of each job in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

2 Year
Monang Nauli Sejahtera By PT  Monang Nauli Sejahtera

PT Monang Nauli SejahteraAddress: Jl. Panglima Denai 85, A M P L A S, Medan Amplas, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia.Contact Person: (061) 7873238 082160706666We are looking for imported products to cooperate selling / marketing / sales in North Sumatera Medan.

Mitsal Luhur Indonesia By PT. Mitsal Luhur Indonesia

PT. Mitsal Luhur Indonesia, is the Company Contractor, Construction, Supplier & Engineering which was originally named cv. Mithal Luhur Indonesia established since 2008 and in 2015 was changed to PT, mithal Luhur Indonesia, with Agency Regulatory engaged in engineering services Provider & Procurement. With a focus on the fields of engineering: ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY Includes the installation of Electrical Installation, Electrical Panel, Capacitor Bank, Grounding of Electrical Panels, Lightning and provide equipment - other electrical equipment. MECHANICAL INDUSTRY Provide service maintenance or routine maintenance and procurement of equipment - heavy equipment Industrial, Manufacturing and office, and Manufacturing CIVIL & CONSTRUCTION Working on jobs - jobs and provide materials - materials civil and construction needs, ranging from Design, Design, Renovation etc. Our partner companies come from a variety of domestic and foreign companies. PT. Mitsal Luhur Indonesia offers a large selection for optimal cooperation partner in meeting their needs. Obviously with satisfactory work performance by providing full service or online service 24 hours and can provide solutions with appropriate technologies, to be run by the workers - and implementing our experienced and professional in his field. Our executive personnel are supported by personnel who are experienced in their field, and is supported by energy - core personnel and experts ranging from graduates Electro Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Industry, Information Technology, and Civil Engineering.

Anugerah Automatic Gate By Anugerah Automatic Gate

Anugerah Automatic Gate is Professional Supplier Of Automatic Equipment Apply In Civil Construction And Industry Which Are Directly Imported From Most Advanced Industrial Countries Like Malaysia, China And Japan. In 2003 Our first office is also located in Jalan Badur - Medan. In the early years, AAG is primarily involved in installing Autogate products to domestic and commercial premises. We have evolved from installation to distribution and solution system integration. Currently we are the distributor for JAD Japan Automatic Door System. We also distribute many autogate product like, VALET, G-Force, M-Tech brand.AAG focus on 4 main product; AutoDoor System, AutoGate System, Barrier Gate System and Solar Panel Product. We strive to offer a complete solution and one-stop shop for our customer convenience. We supply solution to many agent in Indonesia. With more than 10 years of experience in supplying and installing auto door and automatic gates, we always understand customers need and try to offe r customers best product and service.For Automatic Door, we representing 3 reputable automatic door manufacturers from Japan, Switzerland & China under the brand names JAD, Record & KBB respectively. We are one of the leaders in supplying, installing & servicing automatic doors in North Sumatera - Indonesia and we pride ourselves by providing good quality workmanship, quick response time & the best solutions to all door entrances. Check us out & we will always be your preferred choice!AAG's core business includes the supply, installation and maintenance for all JAD, Record & KBB automatic door systems and maintenance services for other types/brands of automatic door system.AAG has accumulated a wealth of on-site installation experiences and technical knowledge. AAG's strong technical experiences and knowledge are well known among the installer, supplier in this industry. This helped AAG to emerge as one of the leaders in North Sumatera automation system. We are professional specialist in automation - you can definitely put your confidence in our expertise. We are all about automation. (Installation & Service). Keep enhancing and improving quatity and customers’ satisfaction has became our motto and motivation.

Medan Diver By Medan Diver

Diver Terrain Providing Employment Services Under Water, Such As: * Inspection Services * Repair And Maintenance Of Underwater * Inspection And Maintenance Of The Ship * Appointment * Construction Underwater Our Experience: * Underwater Dam Household Survey, Pt Inalum - Porsea * Underwater Construction (Installation Of Water Intake) Pt Sari Dumai True - Dumai * Etc ..

Medan Diver

Raut Agung Group (Contractor) By Raut Agung Group (Contractor)

Construction Company Group Consists Of Several Companies That Have Been Experienced, Spet In The Field Of Architectural Construction; Housing, Offices, Factories, Hotels And Market Mechanical: Steel Construction Work, Electrical: Electrical Installations Of Buildings Houses And Offices And Computers

Bina Agung Lestari By PT. Bina Agung Lestari

PT. Bina Agung Lestari is a contracting and leasing company that was established on January 22, 2018 by Mr. Budi Arifandi. This company is located at JL. Kemiri, Ex. Tanjun Gusta, Kec. Disclaimer, KB. Deli Serdang. This company is engaged in steel construction, office construction, housing and procurement of goods and services. PT. Bina Agung Lestari is the development of a company that was previously CV. Joint Development This company is a vendor at Pertamina UPMS Medan work that is always done at PT. Pertamina to manage the installation of depot operational requirements in the area of the oil distribution unit. In connection with following developments in work experience, eat from that CV. Bina Bersama which was established in 2005 was upgraded to PT. Bina Agung Lestari since 2018. PT. Bina Agung Lestari explores work in the field of oil depot construction at PT. Pertamina for procurement / supplier, material and maintaince of operations at Pertamina.

Intifada Jaya By CV. Intifada Jaya

CV. Jaya Intifada is one of the companies engaged in the services of Palm Oil Mill Contractors. We are located in Medan. We are supported by qualified and experienced experts in their fields.

Putra Mulia Sejati By PT. Putra Mulia Sejati

To be able to contribute and participate in development / development in Indonesia in the face of competition in the era of free trade related to business or other business services, then in October 2006, PT. Mulia Sejati has legally / officially followed all the regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia by being registered / registered in the notary office of Gloria Simanjuntak, SH in Medan.This company will be managed with a regulatory system and measurable coordination with all considerations and aspects that are far ahead.


CV BUANA JAYA ENGINEERING is a company engaged in construction services.

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