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Cargo and Logistics

All items of cargo is shipped by air (airplanes), marine (boat) or land (container trucks) to be traded, either between regions or cities within the country or between countries (international) known as export-import. Logistics is the management process of the removal and storage of goods and related information dai in providing resources to the end users effectively and efficiently. Cargo and Logistics are the two things are interrelated, cargo is the goods and the logistics are part of the supply chain or (supply chain management) planning, implementing, and controlling effectively and efficiently, the flow and storage of goods and services and related information from point (a) origin to the point (a) consumption that aims to meet customer needs.

Trans Engineering Sentosa By Trans Engineering Sentosa

PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) was established in 2002 with its own Office and Warehouse in Medan, Indonesia. At the same time we have also prepared Telecommunications special services with a focus on Power System Installation, Network Installation in an integrated Logistics Service Package.PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) is progressing and developing with the vision and mission of offering and providing installation services and transportation services in the area where we exist. PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) has a Collaborative Relationship with Key Actors in the Telecommunications Industry Globally Like, PT. Telkomsel, PT. Indosat, PT. Hariff DTE and PT. Fluidic Indonesia as a United States (USA) Company, PT Lintas Artha, PT Moratel, PT. Westindo Eka Perkasa, PT. GSPE, PT. Abhimata Citra Abadi (ACA). We continue to innovate and move forward and are committed to maintaining the best service for our customers wherever they are.

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Jaya Agung Cemerlang Karya By PT. Jaya Agung Cemerlang Karya

PT Jaya Agung Cemerlang Karya is a company engaged in cargo services located in Medan dan Jakarta. We have experience in the field of cargo and shipping services throughout Indonesia. We serve cargo shipping services via air port to port and port to door as our main service to immediately fly your shipment quickly, precisely, safely and professionally.Medan Address: Jl. Semeru No. 1, Kelurahan Pusat Pasar, Kecamatan Medan Kota, Kota MedanJakarta Address: Jl. Taman Ratu AA2 No. 20, Kelurahan Kedoya Utara, Kecamatan Kebon Jeruk, Kota Jakarta Barat

Sinar Maju Agung By PT. Sinar Maju Agung

PT. Sinar Maju Agung, is one of the subsidiaries of Sumber Baru Group, a land transportation company that was founded in 1968, which operates in the NAD, North Sumatra and Riau regions. With work experience and fairly mature flying hours, supported by a complete fleet, PT. Sinar Maju Agung has been trusted by large state-owned companies (PT. KAI, PT. Pertamina, Nusantara Plantation III-V and BUMS / International (PT Triaryani, Titan Mining Indonesia, Unilever, Sipef Group, Sinar Mas (PT. Arara Abadi, PT. IKPP) etc. in meeting its land transportation needs, our commitment to customers is the key to our success as your trusted transportation partner.

Mandiri Express By CV. Mandiri Express

We Are A Company Emkl & Freigh Jasatrucking Forwarder And Container - And Cargo2 Projects Both In Belawan Port Atou In Other Locations In North Sumatra And Riou . And We Will Always Be Ready To Be Your Good Partner And Giving Mutual Positive Contribution In Terms Of Services That The Sea And Land Expedition : - @ Freihg Forwarding ( Land Transportation Services Expedition ) - @ Heavy Trucking & Relocation Service ( Transport & Services Removal - @ Sea Freigh Service ( Sea Freight Delivery Company ) - @ Containerized Shipment Service ( Service Delivery - Via Container ) - @ Heavy Equipment Rental ( Forklift Standard & Modification & - Excavator -By HitachiCostumer = Prime Of Independent Express = -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Client Name - Bussines - Services Period -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- 1.Pt.Bicc Manufacture Berca - Cable - Trucking / Freigh - 2011/12 2.Pt.Trafoindo - Transfomer Manuf - Trucking / Freigh - 2011/12 3.Pt.Duadaya S - Oil Field Services - Transp / Mobilize - 2011/12 Coal 4.Pt.Sangatawest Bet - Energy - Trans - Integrated 2011/12 5.Pt.Tridiantara Al - Oil - Drilling Service Trans - Integrated 2011/12 6.Pt.Saktimas Noble - Power Plant Logistics - Cont - Project 2011/12 7.Pt.Wuhan Kaidi - Power Plant Logistics - Cont - Project 2011/12 8.Pt.Hutama Own Work - Cont - State Project Logistics - 2011/12 9.Pt.Indonesia Project - Forwarders & Logistics Lo - Project - 2011/12 10.Pt.Dewata Freigh - Forwarder - Trucking & Lo -2011/12 11.Pt.Lps Indo - Oil Fiel Suply - Trucking & Freigh - 2011/12 12.Pt.Karunia Partners - Coal Mining - Project Logistics - 2011/12

Karyatama Perintis Fajar By CV. Karyatama Perintis Fajar

Karyatama Perintis Fajar is an expedition delivery service provider run by experienced professionals in the field of cargo shipments. We provide services from "Door to Door" to "Consolidation and Warehousing" covering all aspects of shipping via sea, land and air freight. We are here to serve the delivery of goods to various regions in Indonesia. Supported by a fleet that is already on ready we are ready to pick up your logistics. We serve freight forwarding, cargo and shipping logistics either for company agencies or individuals. We are a highly experienced expedition service. The service guarantee will not disappoint, because the satisfaction and quality of service is our priority. New destination Medan-Batam-Karimun-Nias.

Fiona Bryan Sejahtera By PT. Fiona Bryan Sejahtera

PT. Fiona Bryan Sejahtera is a company engaged in freight forwarding and freight to transfer to various cities according your destination. Along with the increasing competition in service delivery in Indonesia, we can survive and compete with other big delivery service company to show its existence as one of the Company's Delivery Service that can be believed and eligible as a Partner.

Priaksa Abadi Mandiritama By PT  Priaksa Abadi Mandiritama

PT Priaksaabadi Mandiritama is a local business logistics as a freight forwarder based in Medan – North Sumatera Established in 1993. Our professions are providing freight forwarding and customs services for importers and exporters based in Medan – North Sumatera. Specializing only with delivering goods in bulk containers, we provide a package of in house trailer trucking and customs brokerage service to our clients as a freight forwarding shipping solutions. To provide best service standards our logistic is managed by licensed dedicated staff members specialize within the industry for over 20 years. We provide competitive pricing to all of our clients to ensure a long term business partnerships.


Our company is an Indonesian domestic air cargo where our headquarter is in Jakarta. Our company is a legal agency as airway bill issuer for Lion Air and Air Asia. Varaz cargo Medan branch has been found since 2014 as company expansions in Indonesia and to be active in national expedition. Varaz Cargo ------"Cargo Solution"------