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Distribution Transformer

Distribution Transformer Schneider brand in Medan

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Distribution transformer is an electronic component that has a function in channeling electrical energy with a certain voltage which aims to control electrical energy in the channel so that it is not scattered or lost. There are many types of components that are distinguished by brand, type, size and quality. If you need a transformer component with many kinds of choices, you can immediately look for it online in Indotrading.


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Rows of Types of Transformers with Each Function

In the process of raising or lowering the voltage on an electronic component, a tool is needed so that the distribution of lysrtic current can be controlled properly. This tool is called a distribution transformer, where there are also a number of different types classified as follows:



Step Up Transformer

-           It has more secondary winding than primary winding.

-           Often used to increase the voltage on the AC.

-           Often used in generating sets of electronic devices such as LCD monitors or TV inverters .

Step Down Transformer

-           Has less secondary winding than primary winding. So that it functions in reducing the voltage which is also often used in AC voltage .

Non CT Transformer

-           Serves as a non-symmetrical power supply, namely a power supply that is applied to one negative pole or positive pole.

-           This type of transformer can also be used as a non-symmetrical power supply.

CT transformer

-           Useful as a full wave symmetrical power supply circuit as used in amplifiers.

Power Transformer

-           This type has a large size and can be applied to high power transfers that reach up to 33 volts.

-           Often used at station power plants or transmission substations with high levels of insulation.

Current Transformer

-           This type works in converting primary currents with a large value charge.Generally these values ​​reach tens to thousands of amperes.

Las Transformer

-           Being one type that is often used in welding machines, with indoor and outdoor use.

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