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Electric Wrench

Electric Wrench in Medan

Functions and Power Lock Type

Electric lock is automatic door locking device that uses electricity. Electric locking device has two main types of "fail safe" and "fail secure". Type of fail safe lock will stay locked even if a power cut. While on a secure lock electromagnetic lock file will open when power failure. Typically, the electromagnetic lock is mounted on the frame and armature plate will be attached to the door. Both components will contact each other when the door is closed. Electromagnet will cause interesting electromagnet armature plate thus creating a locking action. Because a relatively large region of the electromagnet, the force created by the magnetic flux is strong enough to keep the doors locked even under extreme conditions. For those of you who need a Power Locks, Indotrading.com own suppliers, agents, and distributors who sell the best quality Electric Locks. Immediately make your purchase request Indotrading.com and get the best price quotes from our suppliers. And to create purchase requests in Indotrading you do not need to be tired looking and can save you time.

Electric Wrench

Electric Key Product DetailsFail safe: If the power Key is missingBolt: (0.62 in) 16 mm DIA, steel

  • Price : Rp1.350.000
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Mega Bintang Cctv
Sumatera Utara , Medan

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Before buying an electric lock make sure your needs, how much wattage you want to use, what type or brand would be used, and what type of door will be given security in order to determine the type of electric lock. Each type of electric locks certainly has advantages and disadvantages. Immediately create your Indotrading.com bid and make sure you get the best price electric lock according to your needs.

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