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Buy Epoxy Paint at low prices for Sika, Propan and other brands from suppliers, distributors of the nearest, cheapest and most complete epoxy in Indonesia for a variety of floor and wall painting needs or various other uses. Epoxy paint is a coating paint that is made specifically to provide a coating on concrete floors or other materials so it is not easily damaged due to heavy loads and easy to clean. Epoxy coating is waterproof and mild chemicals, so it is often used on factory and warehouse floor surfaces. Various types of epoxy products for painting floors and walls that are usually applied to spaces and floors in industry or factory work areas so that floors and walls are resistant to friction and various benefits of epoxy for floors. Apply and buy epoxy type paints or epoxy coatings at low prices wholesale from all sellers in


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Benefits of Using Epoxy Paint on Floors and Walls

If your factory or company has not applied floor paint from this epoxy material, it helps you should immediately try to apply the use of epoxy paint for use on all floors or walls in the factory, because there are so many benefits to be gained from its application:

  • The floor / wall will be more resistant to scratches or collisions and waterproof, so that when there is a chemical liquid spill for example it will be easy to clean.
  • By using epoxy coatings on factory floors and walls, the floor will be more durable and not easily damaged due to liquid objects or hazardous chemicals.
  • Besides using epoxy is not too expensive and easy to care for and clean it.

Best Quality Cheap Epoxy Paint Prices in Indonesia

If you need and are looking for a wide selection of prices for epoxy coatings, you can directly search through our which provides hundreds of suppliers and distributors. All price estimates that you can get here are the best products that you can get directly with an online tender purchasing system with large quantities of goods and price terms that you can compare also with the best prices and competitive quality.

Type of Epoxy Paint Estimated Price
Danapaint 1kg Epoxy Primer Rp. 65,000
Epoxy Classy 1kg Rp. 51,000
Epoxy Nippon Paint 200cc Rp. 20,000
Epoxy Primer Base Coat Rp. 68,000
Epoxy Nippon Paint Finish 1 Liter Rp. 199,000

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Want to buy epoxy for coating floors or factory walls? You should be able to use this epoxy coating that you can apply to the entire factory floor or factory wall, so that all floors are not easily damaged. To get a variety of offers of goods and the best prices for all business needs or industrial / factory needs, you can immediately submit a purchase request to all sellers in In addition you can also search for company categories based on the location closest to your company. To simplify and speed up the distribution of epoxy to your company.

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