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Battery Charger

Battery Charger in Medan

Selling Low Price Battery Charger

Buy a Battery Charger for cheap prices from Panasonic, Lovato, Telwin and others from suppliers and distributors of battery chargers that serve to charge electricity with a constant voltage / in accordance with the maximum capacity of the battery to the specified voltage. Battery charger is also a device used to fill energy using magnetic induction. The type of battery that can be charged with this device is a rechargeable battery such as AA batteries that are used for toy batteries, flashlights, remote and others. Get various types of best brand chargers with fast charging power for all types of batteries for more durable use. Submit a purchase request directly from a trusted supplier and distributor that is in right now.

Battery Charger

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Battery Charger Prices from Suppliers in Indotrading

The following is a list of estimates for the price of chargers which are generally made as retail and wholesale prices from all sellers in Indonesia. All of this price information can be used as a price reference that is useful for you to compare the prices of one or more products with different brands and you can make a price comparison before you shop or buy all of your store or company needs.                                                                                                                                                            

Brands Charger Type Estimated Price
Panasonic Basic Charger 4 Batt AA Rp. 260,000
Panasonic Basic Charger 2 Batt AA Rp. 192,500
Sanyo Eneloop Basic Charger 4 Batt AA Rp. 140,000
Sanyo Eneloop Rapid Charger 2 Batt AA Rp. 125,000

Battery Charger Specifications and Types Based on the Charging Speed ​​

Electronic equipment such as children's toys, ac / tv remote, wall clocks and others are electronic equipment that mostly uses batteries for their electrical power source. To find out the type of battery charging based on its actual speed is determined on the type of battery used. So if you want to charge the battery fast and don't have to wait a long time, you can first determine the two types of battery chargers for the charging speed. Based on the type of refill, this charger battery is divided into 2, namely:

  • Standard Charger, This type of battery requires a normal charging time according to the capacity of the battery to be fully charged according to the current stored in the battery. Calculation of the length of filling can be adjusted to the amount of current entering multiplied by the time of the filling process.
  • Rapid Charger, For this type of battery has the advantage that it provides a faster filling process so it saves time. The current from the charging must be bigger so that the charger is usually a quick charge label. You can adjust the charging time with the amount of current to be entered multiplied by the length of the battery charging process.

Buy a Battery Charger from a Supplier / Distributor and Importer in Indonesia

Shop for cheap battery chargers from all trusted companies in from all companies in Indonesia. Find all types of chargers with the best quality that you can get at cheap wholesale prices only from the best brands of consumer choice that already have many selected products that you can find directly through All pricing information and how to purchase a charger can contact the supplier of goods that you find here.

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