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cosmetic chemical

cosmetic chemical in Medan

Almost everyone in the world wants to be more beautiful or handsome. And to obtain it is not uncommon cosmetic goods used which aims to treat such beauty. In a research note that the average normal person uses more than 10 or more personal care products daily, ranging from cologne or perfume, deodorant, powder, lipstick, etc. Some of these products are proven to give some benefits to improve its performance. But keep in mind that in the market today circulated a lot of beauty products are very dangerous because they contain dangerous chemicals and toxicity testing has not been done to the product. can assist you in finding the property mercury processing enterprise quality, because we have a database of property agents are reliable and have joined in Indotrading.

cosmetic chemical

White oilWhite oil is distilled oil from petroleum that has no color and no aroma.White oil has

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PT. Wongso Sukses Mandiri
Sumatera Utara , Medan

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