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Agriculture Equipment in Manokwari

Selling Agricultural Tools at Low Prices

Buy the most complete modern and traditional agricultural equipment at the most complete price from various manufacturers / manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. There are various types of agricultural equipment that you can get at the cheapest prices and the best quality for a variety of purposes, such as shovels, cultivators, hoes, scratches, hoods and others. In addition there are many types of agricultural equipment and plantation tools that are almost the same from the way of use or function. If you need a wide selection of equipment for agriculture at the lowest price for resale or for the needs of your agricultural company, you can directly submit a request for procurement of goods at the lowest wholesale price in Indotrading.

Agriculture Equipment

Shovel is a tool woodworking tools commonly used for transporting sand. Trowel tool is

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The Price of the Most Complete Cheap Agricultural Equipment in Indonesia


Need complete farm equipment to cultivate a variety of pre-harvest and post-harvest agricultural land at low prices and complete choices? Come soon find a variety of price options that you can adjust to the shopping budget in your company. Search and find immediately the best offer that best suits your needs right now through a request to buy in To see a variety of other price forecast options can be seen in the price table below:

Type of Agricultural Equipment Estimated Price
Automatic Sprinkler Tool Rp. 275,000
300 meter Agricultural Drip Hose Rp. 70,000
Krisbow hoe Rp. 119,000
Portable 3 in 1 hoe Rp. 78,000
sickle / sickle of steel material Rp. 75,000
Krisbow S501 Square Shovel Rp. 150,000

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors of Agricultural Equipment in Indonesia

You need the most complete range of modern and traditional agricultural equipment that you can get directly from all manufacturers or suppliers from all over Indonesia. You can get a variety of farm equipment for processing before and after harvest here at low prices with a variety of choices. Search and find a variety of equipment needs for the agricultural industry from planting, harvesting to processing agricultural products only in

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