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Tangerang, Banten
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Tangerang, Banten
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Spareparts Laser Mesin , Precious Metals Analyzer, Mesin CNC, Mesin Manufakturing, Jewelry Laser
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Mesin Laser Coding, Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser System, Laser Marking Machine, Welding Machine, Marking Machine
PT. Maju Bersama Multitekindo with trademark CI Tech is present as the best laser machine manufacturer for all industrial needs. CI Tech has several types of machines such as Laser Marking, Laser Welding, Laser Cutting. The three types are divided into several types of machines in several areas, such as Fiber Laser Marking, CO2 Laser Marking, UV laser marking, Laser welding molding repair, Laser plastic welding machine, Laser welding spot, laser welding solar panel system, laser welding adword stainless steel, Laser cutting non metal, laser cutting metal. Our machines are high quality and able to meet the needs of industry in almost all areas, ranging from packaging industry, printing, garment, shoes & bags, spare parts, computer , hardware, jewelry,medical., etc. Machines specially made for various applications, you will not find any other machines better than ours. now Industry grows in Indonesia, producers are required to improve production capacity with good quality. Therefore CI Tech is present as a solution in order to help producers increase production to be more effective and efficient and with good quality standards.
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PT. Maju Bersama Multitekindo

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