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Kopi Super Robusta Lampung (Roasted bean/ Powder / Green Bean)
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21 Sep 2021
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Coffee Break
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Kopi Arabika,Kopi Robusta,Kopi Toraja Sapan,Kopi Robusta Lampung,Kopi Aceh,Kopi Luwak Liar
CV. Mahadewi or Joyo Boyo Coffee is the best center for Arabica and Robusta Coffee suppliers located in Bogor, West Java. Our company was established in 2014. We started our company from home industry as a producer of soy scrub in 2014. In 2017, we started our coffee company. Our main products for coffee are: Civet Coffee and Arabica Coffee. We are a private coffee supplier, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop and cafe. We provide a range of green beans, roasted beans and powders where the smoothness starts from coarse to superfine (turkish coffee powder). Turkish powder is the most refined and even finer than espresso powder and this is the flagship product of Joyoboyocoffee.We sell bags in bags of 50, 100, 250 and 500 grams. In addition there is also coffee in paper cup packaging that is equipped with sugar and a stirrer so that it can be carried anywhere, practical and suitable for events with family, friends, office friends or reunions.We also provide a "Specialist Joyoboyo Coffee Break" package including snacks specifically for events and traveling with many attractive package choices. Not only the hot coffee and tea we offer, but we also sell "Ice Coffee Cream" in attractive packages to complement your excitement and togetherness at every event. The various types of Indonesian coffee that we sell include: 1. Wild Civet Coffee from Aceh Gayo Premium Grade 2. Aceh Gayo Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee 3. Specialty Grade Arabica Lintong Coffee 4. Mandheling Arabica Coffee Lake Toba Specialty Grade 5. Preanger Specialty Grade Java Arabica Coffee 6. Toraja Coffee Sapan Specialty Grade 7. Bali Kintamani Specialty Grade Coffee 8. Flores Bajawa Coffee Specialty Grade 9. Papua Coffee Wamena Specialty Grade 10. Papuan Coffee Moanemani Specialty Grade 11. Special Blend Coffee, a combination of 70% Arabica Coffee and 30% Robusta Coffee 12. Lampung Robusta Coffee
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Menjadi perusahaan berskala nasional di bidang supplier kopi terbaik, yang professional dan mempunyai komitmen tinggi untuk mengembangkan Indonesia.
Menyediakan bahan baku Kopi Nusantara untuk perorangan, instansi, cafe, maupun acara-acara spesial

Sebagai pusat supplier kopi di Indonesia kami menjual berbagai jenis kopi di Indonesia diantaranya :

  • Kopi Luwak Liar dari Aceh Gayo Premium Grade
  • Kopi Arabika Aceh Gayo Specialty Grade
  • Kopi Arabika Lintong Specialty Grade
  • Kopi Arabika Mandheling Lake Toba Specialty Grade
  • Kopi Arabika Java Preanger Specialty Grade 
  • Kopi Toraja Sapan Specialty Grade
  • Kopi Bali Kintamani Specialty Grade
  • Kopi Flores Bajawa Specialty Grade
  • Kopi Papua Wamena Specialty Grade
  • Kopi Papua Moanemani Specialty Grade
  • Kopi Special Blend, perpaduan antara 70% Kopi Arabika dan 30%  Kopi Robusta
  • Kopi Robusta Lampung 
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CV. Mahadewi
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