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Tubular Lamps

Tubular Lamps in Indonesia

Function and type TL Lamp

TL lights are electric lamps that utilize gas NEON and layers as pemendar Fluorescent light when electrified. Tube fluorescent lamp is covered by some sort of gas at the time of the high voltage electrode got this gas will be ionized, causing the electrons in the gas moving and casting layer on layer tube fluorescent lamps. TL lamp is a lamp types are quite efficient in converting electrical energy into light energy, especially when compared to the type of filament lamp. This is the principle lamp converts electrical energy into light energy based on berpendarnya ultra violet radiation on the surface coated with fluorescent powder, for example the type of phosphor.


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TOP SUPPLIER Tubular Lamps

CV. Bintang Timur Cemerlang

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Indotrading gold member
2 Year
Response Rate 93%

PT Clear Energy

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Indotrading gold member
5 Year
Response Rate 91%
Lampu LED Strip OSRAM Value Flex Protect 1000 G3
Lampu High Bay  OSRAM Gino LED 180 W
Lampu LED Strip  OSRAM Value  Flex 1000 G3

PT. Oscar Tunastama

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Indotrading gold member
1 Year
Response Rate 86%
Kap Lampu PHILIPS Pacific II TCW097 2x TL-D58W HFS 220V 50HZ IP65
Lampu Spotlight LED PHILIPS Recessed RS022B 3W LED2 MB WH ENG - Warm White
Lampu Jalan LED PHILIPS GreenVision Xceed II Roadflair BRP391 LED48/NW 40W 220V DM

Simaz Multi Energi

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Indotrading gold member
2 Year
Response Rate 85%
Lampu Jalan PJU LED Fatro All In One -8W
Lampu Sorot LED Fatro COB -50 Watt
Lampu Sorot LED Fatro COB -100 Watt