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Plastic chair is a type of chair made of plastic material. This type of chair has a lighter weight and the price tends to be more friendly. There are already a variety of plastic chairs available on the market for all your needs, ranging from lounge chairs, guest chairs, to cafe chairs. For those of you who want to buy a plastic chair, on the website website available various products from thousands of reliable suppliers with special offers that you love to miss!

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Excellence of Plastic Chairs

Compared to other types of chairs, it turns out plastic chairs have several advantages, you know!

  1. Plastic chairs have a lighter weight compared to other types of chairs
  3. Plastic chairs are priced at a more affordable price
  5. Easier to clean if you get dirt
  7. Plastic material is waterproof
  9. Variations in color and design are more diverse

How to choose a good plastic chair

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1. Pay attention to the chair's height

The plastic chairs that are available in the market are very diverse, one of them when viewed from the height of the chair. Adjust the chair to your needs. High chair will make the position and back fit. Meanwhile, a low size chair makes your sitting position more relaxed.

2. Comfortable backrest feature

Chairs intended for home use will be more comfortable if equipped with a backrest. However, if you need it for business purposes, for example for a cafe, chairs without backrests are more suitable.

3. Attractive design and color

Even though it is made of plastic material, plastic chairs have quite diverse designs and colors, you know! Adjust the motifs and colors to your taste, yes!

How to Clean Plastic Chairs

This is the advantage possessed by plastic chairs! This type of chair is easier to clean compared to other types of chairs. If the chair is exposed to dirt, you just wash it with water and soap, then dry it with a clean cloth. Not only that, the maintenance was fairly easy! To clean dust and dirt, you can use a wet cloth or a dry cloth with a mixture of cleaning fluid for maximum cleaning!

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