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Buy cheap Hex Key at wholesale prices, the best full size brands from distributors, suppliers and importers in Indonesia. The key function Hex Key is used to loosen and tighten the special bolt with the bolt eye L. This type of bolt lock is often used to open and release bolts on car engines, motorcycles and various other machinery or building construction using L. bolts. To use this key you can also added an additional handle that can be used for a longer handle so that if you open and remove a strong bolt it will be easier to use. To procure these key equipment at the lowest price with a choice of brands and sizes, you can just simply submit a request for an offer or purchase directly with large suppliers from all over Indonesia in Indotrading.com.

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Size of the L / Hexagonal Key

Before you buy the L key or which is also often referred to by different names such as hex key or hexagonal key. However, although different in terms of naming these keys have different sizes in a set. According to the standard, this key generally consists of several sizes as shown in the description below.

2 mm
2.5 mm
3 mm
4 mm
5 mm
6 mm
8 mm
10 mm

Of several sizes as in the table above consists of 8 different size types, generally each size can be used for the need to open or tighten L bolts which are usually used on various types of mechanical devices such as automotive vehicles, heavy equipment and others.

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To find and get various types of hexagonal keys that are complete, the best brand you can directly look for it through Indotrading.com, there are a lot of company suppliers or wholesale key sellers for workshops, shops and companies . To find out some price estimates for various key brands, you can also see from the following table for price comparison.

Brands Estimated Price
8pcs Tekiro, 2-10 mm Rp. 82,000
9pcs Wipro, 1.5-10 mm Rp. 159,500
Kennedy 7pcs, 1.5-6 mm Rp. 309,000

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