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Pupuk Organik Enzylaw -

Rp 75.000
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Product Specification Pupuk Organik Enzylaw

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Enzylaw is a liquid organic fertilizer product from CV. Kujang Mas Agro Kencana. A special formulation of herbal leaf extracts and a complete source of nutrients needed for all types of plants. Able to overcome nutrient deficiencies (macro & micro) quickly and increase fertilization efficiency and improve soil fertility quality. Accelerate the growth, rooting, flowering and fruiting of plants to get optimal yields.

Contains Plant Regulatory Substances / Phytohormones :

• Organic growth regulators or phytohormones contained in Enzylaw through biological processes biologically (naturally).

• Substance regulating plant growth process, development and movement of plants.

• Growth regulators function to regulate and control various cell activities and are part of genetic regulation.


Results of Enzylaw Liquid Organic Fertilizer Analysis :

pH = 7.37

C- Organic = 6.12%

Total N = 4.23%

P = 5.83%

K = 4.56%

Total Fe = 119.98 ppm

Mn = 818.13 ppm

Cu = 267.92 ppm

Zn = 779.20 ppm

Co = 8.12 ppm

Mo = 7.70 ppm


Probiotic Microbial Analysis :

Pseudomonas sp 4.5 x 108 CFU / ml

Streptomyces sp 1.0 x 108 CFU / ml

Lactobacillus sp 2.7 x 105 CFU / ml

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria 4.6 x 107 CFU / ml


Growth Regulating Hormone Content / ZPT :

Auxin (Indole Acetic Acid) = 216.26 ppm

Gibberellin (GA3) = 115.68 ppm


- Kinetin = 117.31 ppm

- Zeatin = 98.65 ppm

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CV. Kujang Mas Agro Kencana adalah produsen pupuk organik cair dengan merk Enzylaw yang dipergunakan untuk tanaman pangan, hortikultura dan tanaman perkebunan.

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Pupuk Organik Cair Enzylaw
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Min Order