Organic Chemicals

Organic Chemicals

Functions and Types of Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is one of the areas of chemistry that studies the structure, properties, and composition of a compound. Organic chemistry is also often referred to as carbon chemistry, because the elements are studied in organic chemistry is the element that contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, usually with the addition of nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus. One example of an organic compound is TNT (trinitrotoluene) which is used as an explosive. TNT is composed of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. One of the topics in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry that differentiates it is the existence of a pattern called a homologous series. Each organic compound has a specific group where each group is different properties and reactivity. This is called a functional group. The functional group is an atom or group of atoms attached to a compound and distinctive role in giving properties on the compound.

Other Organic Chemicals
Other Organic Chemicals


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