Laboratory Microscope

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Product Specification Laboratory Microscope

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Trinocular Stereo Microscope With Camera + Laptop
The binocular head consists of the ocular lens WF 10 x 2 pcs locked
with the distance of both lenses can be set with objective lens with
2x magnification. The base table consists of a white dish
on one side and black on the other, fitted with a clamp.
There is a rough focus with the diopters on one of the tubes
ocular. The microscope body is made of metal that can be
"moved up and down.

Can be connected with computer equipment
Video Input: 1 RCS Composite, 1 S-Video
Video System: NTSC, PAL, SECAM multi system support
Audio Input: For WinXP, via USB, For Win 2000, via Sound card
Motion Capture: MPEG format up to 720 x 480 @ NTSC and 720 x 576
Pal resolution; MPEG 4 format @ 320 x 240, AVI;
format 352 x 240 320 x 240 resolution
Still Image Capture: JPG / BMP / TIFF / file format
Performance: Up to 25 fps at 750 x 576 for PAL, 30 fps, 720 x 480
for NTSC
Minimum System Requirements:
USB 2.0 equipped computer or laptop
Processor Intel Core i3.2 with adapter
2 GB RAM include Printer coolour

Laboratory Microscope that we show this is one of the products in the import company with good quality and for the stock does not exist and because the goods are not common then we import depending on demand from customers all over indonesia.untuk more details about the price because the price is not displayed fully final because it depends on spec,
can contact us

Bpk. Jimmy       
0852 1707 4040
0878 9889 4040

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Mesin Dan Alat Pemotongan Unggas, Peralatan Dan Mesin Kelapa Sawit, Incinerator, Mesin Pengolahan Coklat / Kakao, Mesin Dan Peralatan Jalan
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alat laboratorium,Mesin Incinerator,alat perikanan,rumah potong hewan,peralatan perlengkapan jalan raya
Company profile
CV. Kencana Jaya Teknik, We Are Engaged In Manufacturing Agricultural Machinery, Such As Coconut Processing Machines (Coconut Grate Machine, Coconut Santan Squeezer, Coconut Fiber Peeling Machine, Coconut Coir Decompressing Machine, Coconut Shell Scraping Machine), Coffee Processing Machine (Washing Machine Coffee Beans | Coffee Fruit Washing Machines, Wet Coffee Peelers | Coffee Pulper Machines, Coffee Skin Peelers | Coffee Huller Machines, Coffee Sieving Machines, Coffee Roasting Machines, Coffee Drying Machines | Coffee Dryer Boxes, Coffee Grinders, Coffee Bean Milling Machines Coffee Bean Substance Machine, Cocoa Processing Machine (Fruit Breaking Machine and Cocoa Beans Separator, Ari Cocoa Beans Peeling and Breaking Machine, Cocoa Fat Pressing Machine, Cocoa Sieving Machine | Cocoa Sorting Machine, Cocoa Roasting Machine, Chocolate Cake Refining Machine | Chocolate Powder Machine, Chocolate Powder Sieving Machine, Chocolate Powder Mixer Machine, Smooth Chocolate Pemasta Machine | Rough Chocolate Pemasta Machine, Smooth Chocolate Pemasta Machine Roll, Concrete Machine hing Coklat), Compost Processing Machine (Compost Counter Machine, Compost Sieve Machine, Compost Mixer Machine, Compost Granulator Machine | Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine, Compost Drying Machine | Compost Rotary Dryer Machine, Print Compost Manual Hydraulic Compost Printing Machine), Animal Feed Processing Machine (Hammer Mill Machine, Animal Feed Mixer Machine, Animal Feed Pellet Machine, Dryer Oven Machine | Oven Pellet Machine | Pellet Drying Machine), Brick Press Machine | Brick Making Machine | Paving Block Machine, Brick Making Machine, Briquette Crusher Machine, Oil Slicing Spinner Machine, Plastic Waste Crusher Machine | Plastic Waste Chopper Machine, Flour Sieve Machine, Cassava Chopper Machine | Cassava Slicer Machine, Disk Mill Machine, Fish Pellet Machine, Chicken Feather Extraction Machine Poultry Feather Extraction Machine, Corn Sheller Machine, Rice Thresher Machine | Power Thresher Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine, Sago Grate Machine, Autoclave Sterilization Machine Mushroom, Laboratory Fume Hood, Germinator KJT 73-2A / B Machine, Germinator KJT 73-2A Machine, Dry Seasoning Grinder Machine (Grinder Machine), Seasoning Grinding Machine Wet, Sugar Grinding Machine, Meat Grinding Machine, Soybean Milling Machine | Milled Tofu Machine, Dry Grass Counter Machine, Meat Cutting Machine, Wood Crusher, Wood Cutting and Crushing Machine, Rubber Sadap Getah Equipment | Rubber Tapping Tool | Rubber Panet Tools (Rubber Mangel Hand Machines, Batik Mangel Rubber Hand, Plain Rubber Mangel Hand, Rubber Tapping Knife, Rubber Sap Tapping Bowl, Rubber Gum Freeze Sheet | Latex Freeze Baking Pan, Rubber Gum Freezing Tubes, Rubber Tapping Bowl Ring | Sadap Bowl Wire Rubber, Rubber latex tapping bucket, rubber gutter gutters, tapping knife grindstone, latex freezing material, rubber latex freezing liquid, latex chemical liquid), oil palm harvesting equipment | Palm Panet Tool | Palm Oil Panet Tools (Hoes, Egrek, Dodos, Fruit Axes, Claws, Parang, Ganco, Arit), Provision of Plantation Equipment, Provision of Forestry Equipment. Capacity, Function, Engine (Drive) Equipment Or Manufacturing of Agricultural Machines We Produce Can Be Adjusted To Consumer Needs. fabrication of agricultural machinery equipment, road equipment, slaughterhouses, waste crushers, incinerators, mosquito traps, fishing equipment, laboratory equipment, rubber tools, palm oil equipment, road markings, sprayer road markings, aircraft road markings, plucker, cutting machines chicken, drum drum, washing, chicken boiling machine, poulty cutter, scalder, chicken feather removal machine  Please Contact Us: Mr. Labano 0852 1707 4040 0878 9889 4040

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