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Pasir Lumajang Super -

Rp 1.750.000
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Product Specification Pasir Lumajang Super

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CV. KAUSA ALAM NUSANTARA is a supplier of Lumajang Sand with the best quality because it is taken directly from the mining location in Lumajang Regency without a mixture of sand from other areas.

 We offer Lumajang Sand at a price of 7.5 M3 (cubic meter) for delivery to the JATIM area using a DUMP TRUCK with a capacity of 7.5 M3 - 8 M3 (cubic meter).

 The sand we sell is originally from Lumajang with coarse sand specifications, black color, minimal gravel and low levels of mud so it is suitable for building materials and cast materials.

Fleet Colt Disel 7.5 cubic - 8 cubic

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Company Detail
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bata ringan, PASIR, SEMEN
Number of employees
We sell
material bangunan,Bata Hebel,Pasir Lumajang Super,Semen Perekat Blessbond
Company profile
General Trading and Supplier engaged in building materials. We sell Hebel Brick, Super Lumajang Sand, Blessbond Adhesive Cement, etc.

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