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PT. Karya Marga Santosa

Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta
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Service Category
Jasa Kontraktor Rumah
28 Aug 2020
Jasa Kontraktor Rumah
Building Construction Services
Jasa Bangun Baru dan renovasi rumah tinggal profesional
Jasa Kontraktor Kantor
28 Aug 2020
Jasa Kontraktor Kantor
Building Construction Services
Our focus is on working in partnership with our Clients, as we have vast experience in the field of civil engineering we can offer assistance from the...
Jasa Renovasi
28 Aug 2020
Jasa Renovasi
Home Renovation Services
Home Improvement services with profesional team. Karya Marga Santosa delivering high quality projects on time and within budget.
Company Profile
Establishment Year
Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta
Company Field
Kontraktor Kantor, Kontraktor
We Sell
Jasa Kontraktor, Jasa Desain Interior, Jasa Arsitektural
Jasa Kontraktor bangunan sipil di Jakarta.
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PT. Karya Marga Santosa
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