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CV. Karunia Timbangan

Tangerang, Banten
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Tangerang, Banten
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18 People
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Service Timbangan, Service Timbangan Tangki, Tera Ulang Timbangan , Service Timbangan Lantai, publikasi jembatan timbang
We Sell
Macam- macam Timbangan Digital, Loadcell Timbangan, Service timbangan, Timbangan Lantai, Timbangan Mobil, Indikator Timbangan
CV. The Gift of Scales Accepts Service and Selling Kinds of Electronic / Digital Scales, Digital / Manual Scales Calibration Services and Metrological Repeat Tera. CV. The Gift of Scales is also helped by experienced technicians in their respective fields, We also sell Digital Scales Spare Parts including: - Sell LoadCell Zemic Type S, Shearbeam Type, Pancake Type, Double Ended Type, Etc - Sell LoadCell MkCell Type S, Shearbeam Type, Pancake Type, Double Ended Type, Etc - Sell LoadCell Kubota Bmls Type Doubel Ended - Sell Type S Keli LoadCell, Shearbeam Type, Pancake Type, Doubel Ended Type, Etc. - Sell LoadCell Us Cell Type S, Shearbeam Type, Pancake Type, Double Ended Type, Etc CV Karunia Timbangan Serves Services throughout Indonesia, starting from Tangerang, Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Cikarang, Karawang, Cikampek, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, West Sumatra Island, East, Central, West Kalimantan, East, Central Island, West Sulawesi Island, East, Central and other parts of Indonesia, We Sell Digital Scales, quality and guaranteed that the scales we sell are among others Sell ​​Digital Scales. I. Mechanical / Manual Scales: - Selling Fair Light Mechanical Scales - Selling advanced mechanical scales - Sell Nagata Needle Scales II. Digital / Electronic Scales. - Selling Excellent Digital Scales, Henhher - Selling Fair Light Digital Scales - Sell CAS Digital Scales - Sell Yamata Digital Scales - Sell AND Digital Scales - Selling Sonic Digital Scales, Sayaki - Sell Digital Mk Cell Scales - Selling Nagata Digital Scales - Sell GSC Digital Scales, SGW - Selling Smart Digital Scales, Thamesside - Etc. Various Kinds of Brands / Other Types III. Sell ​​Truck Scales / Weigh Bridges - Selling Car Scales 3 meters x 6 meters 10 to 20 tons - Selling Car Scales 3 meters x 9 meters 10 to 40 tons - Selling Car Scales 3 meters x 12 meters 10 to 60 tons - Selling Car Scales 3 meters x 16 meters 10 to 80 tons - Sell Car Scales 3 meters x 18 meters 10ton s / d100ton CV. Scales Gifts Using Spare Parts Quality and Guaranteed, We can also adjust demand for industry needs for example 1) We can design Scales for Manufactured Goods according to Capacity and Size needed with the circumstances and needs; 2) Modifying Scales from Mechanical to Digital Scales (HYBRID) 3) Experts Working on the Transfer of Weigh Bridges. 4) Special Weigh Bridges we can work on Construction Scales at Buyer Sites Product superiority produced by CV. Gift of Scales: - Competitive prices Because we produce ourselves in our workshop; - Design that can be adjusted to the capacity size as needed booking; - Done by experts who are experienced in their field; - Quality is guaranteed and closely monitored. CV. Scales Gifts also present the best quality products guaranteed with a one-year service guarantee. CV. Scales gifts will also always contact customers - which, once a year to submit a calibration service and the correct reuse of scales in one year, must be recalibrated so that the owner can use the scales with accurate results. Services that we can service: - Service of Mechanical Scales - Electronic / Digital Scales Service - Service of Spring / Needle Scales - Service Car Scales / Weigh Bridges For orders and bookings please contact our marketing who will explain and provide the best solutions for customer needs. We are in : JL. Raya Kosambi Barat No. 24 RT. 004 RW 002 Next to SDambi Kosambi, Dadap - Tangerang 15213 Banten, Indonesia Branch Address JL. Raya Cibadak Rangkas Bitung RT 004 / RW001 Village of Bojong Pandan, Tunjung Teja Lebak District Serang - Banten. Mobile 081287777007 WhatsApp 081287777008 Email andri.timbangan@gmail.com cvkaruniatimbangan@gmail.com Website www.karuniatimbangan.com www.servicetimbanganmurah.com
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CV. Karunia Timbangan
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