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ctivated Carbon or often also called activated charcoal is a type of carbon that has a very large surface area. Activated carbon is a solid carbon has a surface area which is quite high ranging from 100 to 2000 m2 / g. Because it has a very large surface area, the activated carbon is suitable for applications that require large contact area as in the field of adsorption (absorption), and the reactions and catalysis field. In general, activated carbon is made from basic ingredients of coal and biomass. The point is the basic material of activated carbon maker must contain the element carbon that is great. Today the activated carbon derived from biomass in many developed by researchers because it comes from renewable materials and cheaper. Even activated carbon can be made from waste biomass such as bark nuts, seeds pressed solid waste - bijiaan, pulp, rind and so forth. Activated charcoal making process can be divided into two types, namely the activation of physics and chemistry. Activation of physics is basically done by heating the material at a sufficiently high temperature (600-900 C) at the poor condition of air (oxygen), then at such high temperatures streamed media activators such as water vapor and CO2. own suppliers and distributors who sell various types of carbon price and the best quality.

Carbon Teflon
Carbon Teflon
Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon

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