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Worm Gear

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Worm gear or commonly known as a worm gear is a gear that has 1 or more teeth in the shape of a screw that has a pair of gears and is commonly called a worm shaft. Worm gears have a specification in the form of a basin on each tooth with the function of changing the point of contact between the wheel and the shaft that starts in the form of dots, then changes to form a line. Having an important role in machining makes the worm gear so much sought after. If you are the one who needs it, you can buy directly in Indotrading with a large selection of qualified quality brands.

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Application of Worm Gear and Types

The worm gear or worm gear has 2 parts, namely the gear and the worm shaft. In the application process, the gears can be done by hobbing machine while the worm shaft is done using a CNC machine. Some things to consider when installing worm gears are:

  1. There needs to be a center along the worm shaft.
  2. Both of the gears must have the same shape or portion.
  3. The two helical gears must have a 90 degree shaft so that the axes of the two wheels become perpendicular.
  4. Need to determine the ratio before making gears.

Worm gears also consist of several types, namely:

  •  Non Throated Worm Gear: that is a helical gear that does not have a hollow in the second pair of gears.
  • Single Throated Worm Gear: there is a basin on the gear.
  • Double Throated Worm Gear: there are basins on the worm gear and worm shaft.

The following is the application function of worm gears:

  • Used in machinery, because both worm gear gears have self-locking and a pair ratio that is large enough to be suitable for precision machining.
  • It is also often used in mining equipment and construction because the worm gears are ideally applied to jobs that require high spin power and sufficient resistance from shocks. For example, like a feeder breaker in mining.
  • Used in the printing or packaging process that relies on rollers of printing machines with the ability to withstand shocks and fast work processes.
  •  Applied in paper and plastic processing, where the worm gear can work as a drive that creates high spinning power repeatedly.

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