Selling the best price waterpass from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy waterpass with the latest price which is a tool used to measure or determine an object or line in a flat position both vertically and horizontally. There are many types of waterpass tools used in carpentry, but the type most often used is a 120 cm long waterpass made of wood with a brass edge, in which there are two flat checkers for both vertical and horizontal glass made in which there are liquid bubbles, and at the edge of the device there is a dividing line that can be used as a length measurement tool. Buy water passes at attractive prices and offers directly from the supplier only through the Indotrading.com platform!

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Waterpass function

This tool is useful for showing how parallel or perpendicular a surface is. In the field of construction, waterpass is very vital. This tool can ensure that the installed foundation is not tilted and is aligned with the sketch. If construction does not use this tool, it is feared that the building will be tilted. That is why, in the field of building, waterpass is needed.

How to Use a Waterpass

  1. Place the waterpass tool horizontally or vertically, try to position it parallel to the object or area you are about to measure
  2. Hold this tool steady and wait for the bubbles to stop
  3. Please note that if bubbles fall between the lines the object is aligned

How to Maintain a Waterpass

  • Clean the waterpass both before and after use, clean the waterpass parts thoroughly
  • Store in a place free from vibration, direct sunlight, and temperature fluctuations

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